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United Imaging’s Emergency Radiology Departments Support Mobile Cabin Hospitals, Facilitate 5G Remote Diagnosis

At the center of the epidemic in Wuhan, many sports centers, exhibition halls, and schools have been turned into mobile cabin hospitals (MCHs) to treat tens of thousands of coronavirus patients with mild symptoms. During the epidemic, fast and accurate CT diagnosis plays an increasingly critical role. Imaging is also essential to track the development of patients' conditions and evaluate whether they have reached the standard for recovery. MCHs face an urgent problem: how to quickly adapt CT to provide efficient diagnosis while avoiding cross infection during scanning.

First U.S. Clinical Installation and Patient Scans of the uEXPLORER Total-Body PET/CT System

"We're very proud that UC Davis Health is the site of the first uEXPLORER installation in North America," said Dr. Badawi, chief of nuclear medicine at UC Davis.

5/8/19: uPMR 790 HD TOF PET/MR Cleared by the FDA

uPMR 790 HD TOF PET/MR has been cleared by the FDA.  the news was announced today by United Imaging Healthcare.  The company reports uPMR 790 HD TOF PET/MR. uPMR 790 redefines clinical routine imaging for PET/MR with the capability to scan a whole body within 20 minutes, balancing patient comfort with high-quality imaging. With the uPMR 790, United Imaging Healthcare demonstrates its commitment to advance precision medicine in the fields of neurology, oncology, and cardiology.