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Varian today announced the installation of the gantry for the Varian ProBeam® Compact single-room proton therapy system at the new oncology center at Biopolis, an international biomedical research hub in Singapore.

Varian describes The Gantry as a core piece of equipment of the ProBeam proton therapy system, and its installation is a key milestone for every new proton therapy center. Varian is partnering with Proton Therapy Pte., Ltd. for the installation. Varian will also provide its Eclipse treatment planning system training environment for use by Proton Therapy Pte., Ltd. at its new Advanced Medicine Training Centre.

The Varian ProBeam Compact system is a single-room system equipped with a 360-degree gantry for intensity-modulated proton therapy (IMPT). The ProBeam system also consists of a superconducting cyclotron, and high-speed pencil-beam scanning. The system’s integrated cone beam CT provides accurate patient positioning based on high-quality anatomical images with excellent soft-tissue resolution. The system can also provide clinicians a viable path to potential next-generation treatments such as Flash therapy. In combination with ARIA® oncology information system and Eclipse™ treatment planning system, the ProBeam system enables efficient adaptive workflow.

“We are pleased to have achieved this important milestone in the construction of this new oncology center in Singapore,” said Kolleen Kennedy, president, Proton Solutions and chief growth officer, Varian. “We look forward to the continuing partnership with Proton Therapy Pte to complete the construction and equipment installation for the first Compact proton system in Southeast Asia and expand access to this advanced cancer treatment technology in the region.”

“It is exciting to see the installation of the ProBeam gantry and realize we are yet another step closer to making this cancer treatment technology available to many more patients,” said Dr. Djeng Shih Kien, chairman, Proton Therapy Pte., Ltd. “Once operational, this new oncology center will be able to offer highly precise proton therapy treatment and have the opportunity to positively impact many patient lives.”