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Vascular Graft Solutions Wins FDA Approval to Market the VIOLA Clampless Proximal Anastomosis System for CABG

The VIOLA™ device minimizes aortic manipulation during on and off-pump CABG and enable cardiac surgeons to perform protected, clean, and dry proximal anastomosis without partial clamping the aorta.

Vascular Graft Solutions Reports the First Clinical Use of Its FRAME External Support Technology in Aneurysm Repair of High Flow Arteriovenous Fistulas

8/20/18: "Autogenous AV fistula access for hemodialysis is a routine surgical procedure," said Dr. Matoussevitch. "However, development of high flow AV fistula and aneurysmal enlargement are not uncommon complications with severe clinical and cosmetic impact on patients. High flow AV access increases cardiac output, which may lead to eccentric left ventricular hypertrophy, a key factor in the development of congestive heart failure in hemodialysis patients. In addition, aneurysmal enlargements are at high risk to develop active bleeding, rupture and infection."