Visualant, Incorporated (OTCQB: VSUL) (next generation optical sensor technology) announced it has received its 12th U.S. patent. The invention relates to the use of the company’s ChromaID™ technology for identifying and analyzing fluids or particles suspended in the fluid. It has a wide range of potential applications in substance identification, security screening, authentication, quality control and medical diagnostics and other industrial and consumer markets.

Visualant reports ChromaID is a platform technology that employs frequency-specific structured light to detect unique spectral patterns that occur naturally in virtually any type of substance or object. Unlike legacy optical sensor technology such as mass spectrometry, ChromaID sensors can provide highly accurate information at a significantly lower cost and in a small and flexible form factor. ChromaID sensors can be easily integrated into a variety of both hand-held and stationary systems used for inspection, analysis and authentication. ChromaID’s affordability, unique functionality and compact size make it an attractive offering for both the consumer-facing and enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystems.

In addition, the Visualant ChromaID technology, as applied to the evaluation of fluids and particles suspended in fluids, will allow for a wide variety of real world applications involving identification, authentication and diagnostics, including water quality, medical diagnostics, and quality control and analysis. Examples may include real-time analysis of drinking water, authentication of the fluid in a hospital IV drip, detection of the presence of water in aviation jet fuel among so many other applications.

“We believe this new patent will prove to be one of our most significant to date as it provides a foundation for the pursuit of a number of consumer, medical and industrial diagnostic and authentication applications,” said Visualant Founder and CEO Ron Erickson. He went on to say, “We continue to attract enthusiastic interest as we develop and pursue partnering opportunities in each of these large, global markets. We believe that the availability of strong patent protection helps to give our partners confidence that the products that they bring to market based on ChromaID technology can enjoy a significant and lasting competitive advantage.”

The patent, issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office as US Patent No. 9,869,636 B2, is entitled “Device For Evaluation Of Fluids Using Electromagnetic Energy.” This newly issued patent continues the expansion of the Visualant intellectual property portfolio. The company continues to have a significant number of pending patents and aggressively works to expand the reach of its ChromaID and related electromagnetic technology.