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Vizient Announces Membership Agreement with The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation

Vizient today announced that The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation has joined Vizient as a member with the goal of aligning and accelerating cost and quality performance.

Vizient notes that part of this new agreement, The Johns Hopkins Health System Corporation will join Vizient’s group purchasing organization with the expectation of a decrease in its current supply costs. They have the opportunity to join Vizient’s pharmacy program, including the company’s Novaplus private label program, to reduce pharmacy expenses and minimize the impact of drug shortages on their enterprise. Lastly, they will be deploying Vizient’s Clinical Database (CDB) and Operational Database analytics, across all their hospitals with the goal of aligning cost and quality decisions, engaging physicians in utilization and supply choices and improving outcomes.

“We are excited to welcome Johns Hopkins Medicine to Vizient and begin working with them on meeting their goal of driving near term and sustainable cost savings as well as improving the quality of care for the patients they serve,” said Byron Jobe, president and chief executive officer for Vizient. “We look forward to supporting one of the national leaders in health care.”

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