Wave Neuroscience Completes Major Brain Treatment Technology Asset Purchase

OrthoNext Digital Platform for the JuniOrtho Plating System Receives FDA Clearance

“Together, OrthoNext and the JuniOrtho Plating System provide a complete solution for surgeons looking for a plating system to address the specific demands of advanced deformity and trauma reconstruction of the lower extremities in the pediatric population,” said Orthofix President of Global Orthopedics Paul Gonsalves.

SonarMed, New Pediatric Monitor Alerts Clinicians To Potential Airway Obstructions During Ventilation Launched

"The SonarMed airway monitoring device has revolutionized the way we care for our littlest patients. There is no other device in the world that can tell you where the endotracheal tube is located within the airway continuously in real-time, and whether the tube is obstructed or even partially occluded," said Jamie W. Powers, M.D., MBA, neonatologist at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, California.

Wave Neuroscience announced the completion of an asset purchase from Newport Brain Research Laboratory (NBRL). In June 2019, Wave Neuroscience purchased substantially all of the assets from the many different onshore and offshore holding companies under NBRL. Now a wholly owned and operated U.S. corporation chartered in Delaware, Wave Neuroscience is focused on leadership in brain health and its restoration.

In addition, key NBRL personnel – all U.S. persons – were hired into new roles at Wave Neuroscience. The company is concentrating growth efforts on aiding those who are candidates for its patented treatments – including veterans and active military servicemembers. Since June, Wave Neuroscience’s military commitment is exemplified by more than $500K of free treatments pledged to U.S. military members.

“Two of our core focus areas are lessening the often-devastating impacts of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and for this reason, we have committed to putting American servicemembers first,” said Fred Walke, Wave Neuroscience CEO. “We believe our ground-breaking treatment methods are a powerful restorative tool when the fight becomes a personal one.”

The crux of Wave Neuroscience’s research revolves around the premise that the brain can be treated by non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical means. It asserts that with the exploration of the relationship between cognition and neural activity, an innovative and informed approach to non-invasive neuromodulation is possible. The company’s dedicated team of neuroscientists and physicians has put their talents towards delivering individualized treatment aimed at achieving a healthier life for people with various neurological issues.

Wave Neuroscience offers a personalized treatment platform for addressing neurological abnormalities and has treated more than 7,000 patients using its patented, non-invasive, drug-free MeRT℠ process, which is licensed by a network of independently owned medical facilities.

The MeRT℠ process involves four key steps: 1) recording a patient’s EEG/EKG; 2) processing this biometric data with computational neuroanalytics; 3) generation of an individualized treatment protocol delivered by a technician using FDA-cleared equipment; and 4) continual progress evaluation using sequential measurements to inform protocol adjustment. At present, Wave Neuroscience has five ongoing clinical trials, including an FDA-grade trial for persistent post-concussion syndrome (PCS), and strategic partnerships with organizations including the USC Neurorestoration Center and Cedars-Sinai Center for Sports Neurology at Kerlan-Jobe. The company’s work is fueled by ten wholly owned and U.S.-held patents with 6 applications pending.

“As Americans, we owe our servicemembers an unending debt of gratitude. One of the ways we believe we can help is by making them feel whole, mentally, again. By taking a truly bespoke and data-driven approach, we view ourselves as the vanguard of progress in researching and striving to treat the root causes of TBI, PTSD and other neurological disorders,” said Dr. Erik Won, President.



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