Wireless Cart-Based Ultrasound System
The Clarius Cart provides the utility of a cart-based system and the freedom of personal ultrasound. (Medical Device News Magazine)

Clarius Mobile Health reports they are introducing their wireless-cart based ultrasound system (Clarius Cart) at the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) 2018 Scientific Assembly. The Clarius Cart is an ultrasound accessory to complement the line up of wireless ultrasound scanners for use in more traditional settings. It is a mobile cart with a lockable cabinet to hold scanners, a working space for procedures, and a charging dock for scanner batteries and smart devices. It’s designed for hospital and clinical environments to give clinicians the flexibility of personal ultrasound with the utility of traditional cart-based systems, without any cables.

“We find that some ultrasound users in hospitals prefer to use ultrasound on a cart,” said Dave Willis, Co-founder and Chief Strategic Officer of Clarius. “With the Clarius Cart, clinicians can scan however they are comfortable. They can use the display attached to the cart or grab a scanner and go with their own personal device.” The Clarius Cart can store up to seven Clarius scanners in a locked cabinet, keeping them safe from theft in a busy hospital. Each scanner can be used simultaneously, on different smart devices as required. The Clarius Cart can be transported easily throughout the hospital to serve clinicians where they need it, including at the patient bedside, without having to worry about access to a power outlet.

Clarius ultrasound scanners use 192 elements and four parallel beamformers, and support B-Mode, color doppler, pulsed-wave doppler, and more. “Clarius is delivering the first point of care, wireless ultrasound solution that can accommodate both a cart-use model and a personal ultrasound use model,” said Dave Willis.

Clarius will be demonstrating the Clarius Cart at ACEP18 in San Diego. Watch a video of it here and learn more at www.clarius.com/cart.