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Wuxi Vision Pro Ltd. Completes B Round Financing of RMB 80 Million from Qiming Venture, etc. to Accelerate “Domestic Era” in the Treatment of Cataracts in China

On April 28, 2018, Wuxi Vision Pro Ltd., an ophthalmic medical device manufacturer in China, announced that it had completed B round financing of RMB 80 million. The investors are Qiming Venture Partners and Ruijian Capital.

Dr. Liao Xiugao, founder of Wuxi Vision Pro Ltd., said: “With modern science and technology drastically changing human behaviors, excessive use of the human eyes has accelerated the aging of eyes and developing other eye disease among young people. These factors promote the need of rapid development of ophthalmic medical products. My company commits to researching and developing high-quality ophthalmic products and create a leading brand to meet the growing demand.”

The cataract surgery market has huge room for growth. The number of potential cataract patients over 60 years old in China is estimated at 130 million. Cataract surgery today in China has a 20% growth rate per year. The cataract surgery rate (CSR) per million will reach more than 3,500 in 2020. Driven by strong market demand, the innovative ability and production of domestic intraocular lenses have been comparable to the ones of the high priced imported brands.

Wuxi Vision Pro Ltd. has its own lens materials development and manufacturing facility in Irvine, California, USA. Its products have been used by many manufacturers worldwide. LEIMING brand aspheric intraocular lenses has obtained CFDA approval and CE certificate. The aspheric IOLs are made with a high refractive index hydrophobic acrylic material which was researched and developed by Wuxi Vision Pro and has excellent biocompatibility proven by clinical trials.

Nisa Leung, managing partner of Qiming Venture Partners said: “I’m so glad to see Vision Pro Ltd. is growing rapidly. With LEIMING aspheric IOLs successfully passing clinical trials and being put into the market, I am very optimistic about the future of the company and have committed to investing in the outstanding enterprise. I am confident in the ability of R&D and innovation shown by the Vision Pro Ltd. management team. I hope that LEIMING will become a leading brand in China and will expand to international markets.

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