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Zebra Medical Vision Secures its First FDA Clearance in Oncology, Boosting Early Detection of Breast Cancer in Mammograms

This latest clearance makes Zebra Medical the first AI startup with six FDA clearances across three different modalities under its belt. In initial testing Zebra-Med conducted, a number of cases which were originally missed were alerted by Zebra Medical’s ‘HealthMammo’ algorithm and the patients were recalled and confirmed

Zebra Medical Vision Secures its 5th FDA Clearance

Their latest AI solution automatically identifies findings suggestive of compression fractures, enabling clinicians to place patients that are at risk of osteoporosis in treatment pathways to prevent potentially life-changing fractures.

Zebra Medical Vision Receives Grants from the Israel Innovation Authority to Deploy Medical Imaging AI at Scale

2/14/19: Zebra Medical will put its AI algorithms to use in critical emergency situations at Ichilov Hospital, and will work to detect early signs of breast cancer and osteoporosis at Macabi and Clalit HMOs.

Zebra Medical Vision Announces CE Approval of Its Newest AI Imaging Algorithm – Automatic Identification of Brain Bleeds

3/5/18: Zebra Medical Vision announces today the CE regulatory approval of its newest algorithm to be included in its growing Deep Learning Imaging Analytics platform.