FIM Proposes That a National Research Coalition Be Expeditiously Established to Address COVID-19 and Biological Warfare

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

The Core Message Of COVID-19 Is That Worldwide Capacity To Launch Bacterial & Viral Biological Warfare Has Arrived And We Are Not Only Virtually Defenseless Lacking Effective Vaccines, Drugs And Other Therapies But Disturbingly Unaware Of This Potential Threat. FIM, The Foundation For Innovation In Medicine, Proposes That A National Research Coalition Be Expeditiously Established Whose Mission Is Not To Discover Vaccines Or Drugs Or Biologicals But To Concentrate On The Basic Biological Mechanisms Of These Organisms Which Fundamental Scientific Information Has Enormous Value In Supporting Pharmaceutical, BioTech And Other Groups In Their Quests To Discover Effective Anti-viral, Anti-bacterial Or Other Therapies. After All, These Organisms Have, By Constant Evolutionary Adaptation Under The Most Adverse Environmental Conditions, Survived Over Billions Of Years. And, By Doing So, Have Evolved Multiple Mechanisms For Survival. Examples To Be Explored Are How Do Bacteria Protect Their Walls And How Do Viruses Mutate? We Must Recognize That This Challenging Mission Is Far Beyond The Capability Of Individual Companies, Government Institutions And Other Research Organizations.

But There Is Another Largely Unrecognized Hurdle Which Is Critical To Resolve. Once A Promising Therapy Is Identified In The Laboratory It Must Then Be Tested In Clinical Studies, The Critical Step In Medical Discovery. We, As A Long–term National Policy Primarily Based On Excessive Safety Concerns, Have Erected Enormous Barriers To Conduct Such Studies Resulting In Retarding Medical Discovery In General. FIM Proposes An Expeditious Doable Way To Reduce These Barriers. Make No Mistake About It And Let’s Not Kid Ourselves, If Such Barriers Aren’t Substantially Reduced The War Against Biological Warfare Will Be Inexcusably Retarded For Many Will Pay The Price.

A Broad Discussion Of The Social And Medical/Scientific Dynamics Surrounding The Threat Of Biological Warfare Is Presented. View here.

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