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Empowering Healthcare Professionals and Investors: The Rise of Next-Generation Medical Devices

Stryker Reports: 1st European Surgeries Completed Using Stryker’s Gamma4 Hip Fracture Nailing System

The Gamma4 Hip Fracture Nailing System is designed to treat hip and femur fractures. Its nail design is informed by Stryker's SOMA database, which includes over 37,000 3D bone models generated from CT scans. The system received CE certification in November 2023 and has been utilized in over 25,000 cases in North America and Japan.

Tandem Mobi Insulin Pump Now Compatible with Dexcom G7 CGM

The Tandem Mobi Insulin pump is small enough to be worn almost anywhere, including a coin pocket, providing users with more discretion, comfort, and options for how they manage their diabetes. Powered by Control-IQ technology, which has demonstrated in real-world studies improved time in range overnight and during the day4, Tandem Mobi connects with Dexcom G7 or Dexcom G6 to predict glucose levels 30 minutes in advance and automatically adjusts insulin, if needed, to help prevent highs and lows.

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Featuring industry experts in the healthcare field who have come together to share their invaluable insights, perspectives, and opinions. With their wealth of knowledge and experience, these esteemed professionals provide a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and developments in the healthcare industry.

How AI Will Tranform Conducting Medical & Pharmaceutical Inventory | By Chris Green, CEO & Managing Partner of Meridian Inventory Services

Chris Green writes, "I am often asked how AI will transform conducting medical and pharmaceutical inventory.  Some have asked me will it replace human workers?  Will everything be automated?  Is it more efficient than using human workers?"

Revolutionizing Healthcare: Latest Biotechnology Innovations

Mira Pharmaceuticals Announces DEA Rules MIRA-55, a Novel Oral Pharmaceutical Marijuana Analog, Is Not Classified as a Controlled Substance

"We are thrilled with the DEA's decision, which underscores the potential of MIRA-55 as a groundbreaking therapeutic candidate," said Erez Aminov, Chairman & CEO of MIRA Pharmaceuticals. "This ruling allows us to focus on MIRA-55's unique cognitive and anxiety benefits. With access to $90B traditional neurological and $30B cannabis markets, MIRA-55 represents a significant value proposition for our company.  We remain committed to advancing it through the development pipeline for treating these diseases from which so many currently suffer."

Abu Dhabi Issues First BioTech Inventor-Class Golden Visa to Catalyze “Made-In-Abu-Dhabi IP” to Rockefeller University Inventor Dr Kambiz Shekdar, PhD

Dr Kambiz Shekdar said: "I gratefully take this opportunity as my solemn commitment to help build up the BioTech sector in Abu Dhabi with the same home-grown can-do-and-have-done record of accomplishment demonstrated by Emirati leadership, its people, and nation, and to do so collegially with the best of the best of the world's human capital across frontier technologies who, like myself, are drawn to the UAE with the thirst to pioneer and build better like only possible in the red-hot entrepreneurial climate of the UAE."

Activation Capital Introduces ‘Frontier BioHealth’ to Catalyze Life Science Startups

"We celebrate the growing base of research and technological advances within the region's health and life sciences sector," said Chandra Briggman, President and CEO of Activation Capital.

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Unveiling the Latest FDA Regulations: What Healthcare Professionals Need to Know

Tris Pharma Receives U.S. FDA Approval for Once-Daily ONYDA XR (clonidine hydrochloride) Extended-Release Oral Suspension, the First-and-Only Liquid Non-Stimulant ADHD Medication

ONYDA XR is indicated for the treatment of ADHD as monotherapy or as adjunctive therapy to approved CNS stimulant medications in pediatric patients six years and older. The first non-stimulant ADHD medication, with nighttime dosing, adds to Tris Pharma’s established portfolio of leading ADHD therapies and reinforces company's commitment to individuals with ADHD.

Acquisitions: Unveiling the Future: Medical M&A Insights

Lunit Completes Acquisition of Volpara: Pioneering Next-Level of AI-Driven Cancer Care

"We are thrilled to welcome Volpara into the Lunit family. Today, we take a monumental step towards revolutionizing our approach to cancer care. By combining our strengths, we are creating a formidable alliance in the industry, particularly in the US market. This merger enables us to develop and deliver innovative, life-saving solutions that meet critical needs in cancer diagnostics," said Brandon Suh, CEO of Lunit.

Groundbreaking Developments Shaping Modern Hospitals

Northwell Cardiothoracic Programs Have Nation’s Highest Success Rates

5 Northwell Cardiothoracic Programs (Northwell) include: Long Island Jewish Hospital, Lenox Hill Hospital, South Shore University Hospital, Staten Island University Hospital and the Sandra Atlas Bass Heart Hospital at North Shore University Hospital – received three-star ratings in their respective fields – the highest quality rating possible.

COTA, Baptist Health South Florida, and PreciseDx Announce Collaboration on the AI-Enabled Breast Cancer Recurrence Risk Assessment, PreciseBreast™

“AI has the potential to augment human learning and improve the accuracy and precision of cancer diagnostics and treatments,” said Dr. C.K. Wang, chief medical officer, COTA. “It is critical that we evaluate these tools against the current standard of care to validate their efficacy and build trust in AI and new technologies.”

Top Expert Bylines

How AI Will Tranform Conducting Medical & Pharmaceutical Inventory | By Chris Green, CEO & Managing Partner of Meridian Inventory Services

Chris Green writes, "I am often asked how AI will transform conducting medical and pharmaceutical inventory.  Some have asked me will it replace human workers?  Will everything be automated?  Is it more efficient than using human workers?"

A Secure Future for Medical Devices and Patients | By Charles Marrow

While it isn’t possible to completely eliminate the cyber security risk of connected devices, too many of the medical devices we use have security vulnerabilities built-in due to poor design or inherited from 3rd party software.

Medical Associations

AI Detects More Breast Cancers with Fewer False Positives

“Population-based screening with mammography reduces breast cancer mortality, but it places a substantial workload on radiologists who must read a large number of mammograms, the majority of which don’t warrant a recall of the patient,” Dr. Lauritzen said. “The reading workload is further compounded when screening programs employ double reading to improve cancer detection and decrease false-positive recalls.” Offers Osteoporosis Awareness and Prevention Resources for Patients

This May,, the authoritative and trusted source on bone and joint health, is joining organizations across the country to raise awareness about prevention strategies that can help reduce one's risk of developing osteoporosis.

Key Clinical Trials Unveiled: Insights for Healthcare Professionals and Savvy Investors

Sedana Medical Completes Patient Recruitment for its Clinical Program in the US

"The completion of INSPiRE-ICU 2 concludes Sedana Medical´s clinical trials in the United States. Running this study together with esteemed clinical investigators from highly ranked academic centers such as Columbia, the Harvard-affiliated medical center Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and many others has been very exciting and rewarding. Many investigators from the participating sites have been excited to be part of our pioneering studies. The bedside experience in the studies has generated a lot of interest in using inhaled sedation in US practice, which we hope will be possible soon," said Peter Sackey, Chief Medical Officer of Sedana Medical. and UTMB Announce Collaboration to Accelerate Recruitment in the CHESS Study with Viz Subdural Solution

“Patient enrollment is the most time-consuming and costly aspect of the clinical trial process,” said Prem Batchu-Green, Vice President of Clinical at “By deploying for the CHESS study, we are not only reducing the manual burden of patient identification on research staff but also improving SDH detection and workflow as well as increasing SDH awareness, physician engagement, clinical specialist attendance, and case collaboration.”

Funding: Unveiling the Latest Medtech Financial Breakthroughs: What You Need to Know

ExpressionEdits Raises $13M in Seed Funding to Advance Protein Expression Using AI-Driven Intronization Technology

The funding will accelerate candidate selection for preclinical studies and develop a pipeline of protein-based therapeutics. The primary focus for the pipeline will be recombinant proteins that have historically faced production and manufacturing challenges based on current technology notes ExpressionEdits.

Matter Bio Successfully Closes $7M Seed Funding Round

"Genomic integrity is a cornerstone of longevity and healthspan extension," said George Church, Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School. "Matter Bio is pioneering a crucial approach in the fight against aging by focusing on the preservation of our genetic blueprint. I am excited to see the impact of their work on enhancing human health."

Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Imaging Techniques Revolutionize Medical Diagnostics

VUZE Medical Announces U.S. FDA 510(K) Clearance for Second-Generation Software-Based 3D Guidance System for Spine Surgery

VUZE 2.0 provides much-extended interoperability and functionality; like VUZE 1.0, requires only a 2D C-arm and PC in the OR -- no cameras, markers, references or tool add-ons.

Nicklaus Children’s Health System, Philips Will Provide Innovative Patient & Staff Experience, Helping to Enhance Outcomes for the Smallest of Patients

Philips AI-enabled diagnostic and experiential technologies help put patients at ease while empowering staff with faster, high-quality scans and increased diagnostic confidence.

Arineta Installs First SpotLight™ Duo Scanner

“For patients in need of cardiovascular or cardiothoracic imaging, the SpotLight Duo is the first cardiothoracic CT incorporating all of Arineta’s patient centric technologies. With one heartbeat, we can provide both high-temporal as well as iso-temporal resolution images that can be used for comprehensive cardiac and thoracic CT assessment,” said Doug Ryan, CEO of Arineta

Executives on the Move

Mark Eisner MD, M.P.H. Appointed Chief Medical Officer at Vir Biotechnology

Mark Eisner MD comes from Sonoma Biotherapeutics, Inc., where he most recently held the position of CMO. In this role, he led all development functions which included biometrics, regulatory, clinical science, clinical operations, drug safety, and pharmacology.

Franck Mevellec Appointed Senior Director, Business Development at Asymchem

Franck Mevellec boasts a proven track record of success, having held key positions at industry leaders like Bayer Healthcare (R&D), Teva Pharmaceuticals (portfolio director), Minakem (BD director), and most recently, Seqens (global head of sales). He joins Asymchem with a focus on expanding the company’s footprint across Europe.

Veristat Appoints Dr Gabriela Rosu to Lead Growing Medical Affairs Team

Dr Gabriela Rosu is a seasoned professional with over twenty years of experience in scientific and clinical fields, having significantly contributed to the planning and execution of pivotal activities that have led to the approval and commercialization of groundbreaking therapies.

Sphere Fluidics Appoints Curtis Nicholson as Director of Sales, EMEA, to Support Accelerated Growth in Key Markets

Curtis Nicholson said “I’m thrilled to leverage my experience in strategic sales and driving innovation to take on this exciting role at Sphere Fluidics. I look forward to collaborating with the talented team and accelerating the adoption of our transformative solutions.”

Market Reports

Tumor Ablation Market Worth $1.4 Billion

The tumor Ablation Market in terms of revenue was estimated to be worth $0.8 billion in 2024 and is poised to reach $1.4 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 10.0% from 2024 to 2029 according to a new report by MarketsandMarkets™.

Global Smart Pills Market to Surge at a CAGR of ~11% by 2030

DelveInsight's Smart Pills Market Insights report provides the current and forecast market analysis, individual leading smart pills companies' market shares, challenges, smart pills market drivers, barriers, trends, and key market smart pills companies in the market.

Global Biotech Investment Report 2024 – Big Biopharma Companies Disruptive Technologies and Portfolio Realignment Will Ensure the Growth Potential of Biotech Investments

The "Growth Opportunities in Global Biotech Investment, 2024" report has been added to's offering.

Nurse's Corner


Generative AI in Healthcare Market: Automating the Routine Tasks in Healthcare

Generative AI is expected to become an integral part of conducting hospital operations. Some of the below-written data corroborates the fact that numerous healthcare organizations are already recognizing the potential of generative Artificial Intelligence:

Top Trends in Healthcare Management IT solutions for 2024

Explore the leading healthcare management IT trends of 2024 focusing improved patient care and operational efficiency.

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Unlocking Success in Medical Business

The D-Actor 100 from STORZ Medical: Revolutionizing Pressure Wave Therapy Standards

The D-Actor 100 by STORZ Medical stands out in this field and is recognized as a leading device for healthcare professionals seeking effective treatment outcomes. This technology utilizes pressure waves to stimulate the body's natural healing processes, improving circulation and cell regeneration through microtrauma in targeted tissues.

Healthcare Professionals / Career Corner

6 Tips For Mitigating Risks Associated With Running A Med Spa

Running a med spa is a lucrative way to make people look and feel better, but like everything else, it has significant risks.

9 Ways to Land Higher Roles in Healthcare

There are several ways to ensure speedy career advancements to achieve higher roles in healthcare. The following are some strategies to achieve this goal.

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