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Empowering Healthcare Professionals and Investors: The Rise of Next-Generation Medical Devices

Radical Catheter Technologies Presents Analysis of Disruptive, Recently FDA-Cleared Endovascular Technology at the Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery 21st Annual Meeting

This new catheter, the first product commercialized from this novel technology platform, is designed to enable access to the blood vessels in the brain for both femoral and radial access. A multi-center analysis of this disruptive technology is being presented today at Society of NeuroInterventional Surgery 21st annual meeting. In addition, the Company confirmed the closing of a $20 million financing round led by NeuroTechnology Investors, which will be used to scale the company and expand the Radical platform notes Radical Catheter Technologies.

Rapid Medical™ Completes Initial Neurovascular Cases in the USA Following FDA Clearance of Its Active Access Solution

“With DRIVEWIRE, our design goal was to bring new levels of access and control to the interventional suite while improving best-in-class guidewires,” comments Giora Kornblau, Chief Technology Officer at Rapid Medical. “When physicians are looking for technologies that increase the clinical possibilities and safety for the patient, we want Rapid to be the first place they look.”

HeartFlow Introduces Next Generation Interactive Plaque Analysis Platform to Assess Patient Risk in Suspected Coronary Artery Disease

The HeartFlow Plaque Analysis uses proprietary algorithms to analyze coronary CT angiogram (CCTA) scans, creating a personalized 3D model that quantifies and characterizes plaque volume in the coronary arteries, aiding risk assessment of coronary artery disease. The technology was introduced at the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT) Annual Scientific Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Featuring industry experts in the healthcare field who have come together to share their invaluable insights, perspectives, and opinions. With their wealth of knowledge and experience, these esteemed professionals provide a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and developments in the healthcare industry. Featuring...

How Technology Is Driving Person-Enabled Brain Health, Fueling Better Outcomes and Options | By Mark Lehmkuhle, PhD, CEO, Founder of Epitel

In brain health, traditional inpatient monitoring systems present a myriad of barriers. They often require travel to a specialized health center, are cumbersome and restrictive for patients, and technical requirements and limitations impede providers' ability to even provide such services. Today, advancements are disrupting this model to fuel the growth of person-enabled health and the ongoing treatment of chronic neurological disorders and conditions


Asensus Surgical Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Senhance Surgical System in Urology

“This FDA clearance marks another milestone for Asensus Surgical and represents an additional indication expansion in the U.S. market,” said Anthony Fernando, Asensus Surgical President and CEO. “The Senhance System's precision and advanced digital capabilities make it uniquely suited for urological procedures, offering surgeons the benefit of digital tools and smaller instrumentation. We are excited to bring this technology to urologists and their patients across the United States.”

Spryte Medical Receives Breakthrough Device Designation from FDA for Revolutionary neuro Optical Coherence Tomography (nOCT) Technology

“Our engagement with the FDA through the Breakthrough Device and Total Product Life Cycle Advisory Program (TAP), highlights the potential of Spryte Medical’s neuro OCT imaging platform for patients with cerebrovascular disease” said David Kolstad, Chief Executive Officer of Spryte Medical. “We look forward to working collaboratively with the FDA for the benefit of these patients.”

eCential Robotics Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance for Spine Navigation and Robotic-Assistance Device

"This additional FDA clearance is a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence in the field of surgical robotics and navigation," said Clément Vidal, CEO at eCential Robotics. "We look forward to continuing to deliver cutting-edge solutions that enhance surgical precision and patient outcomes."

Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Imaging Techniques Revolutionize Medical Diagnostics

Bon Secours Mercy Health and Philips Sign Multi-Year Strategic Collaboration

“This collaboration is part of our commitment to drive improved healthcare quality while reducing costs and addressing healthcare issues facing entire communities,” said Jodi Pahl, Chief Nursing Officer for workforce experience and nursing outcomes, Bon Secours Mercy Health. “This 10-year journey will bring innovations that will transform care delivery.”

LG Electronics Launches 5MP Diagnostic Monitor for Breast Imaging

LG Electronics reports: Intended for digital mammography and digital breast tomosynthesis, the 21HQ613D-B is a 21.3-inch 5-megapixel (MP) IPS diagnostic monitor designed to deliver high-definition radiological images and maintains consistent image quality through its internal front calibration sensor and calibration software.

Key Clinical Trials Unveiled: Insights for Healthcare Professionals and Savvy Investors

Trial Approval for New Pacemaker Aiming to Boost Recovery in Heart Failure

The system has shown a remarkable ability to boost performance and induce cardiac repair mechanisms in subjects with heart failure. 

Enterprise Therapeutics Doses First Person with Cystic Fibrosis in Phase 2 Trial for Novel Therapy ETD001

Dr John Ford, CEO, Enterprise Therapeutics, said: “The dosing of the first person with CF in our Phase 2a trial of ETD001 represents an incredible milestone, testament to Enterprise’s dedication to advancing a novel approach to treating pwCF with the highest unmet medical need. ETD001 has already demonstrated an excellent safety profile in healthy participants, as well as a pharmacokinetic (PK) profile consistent with a long lung residency. We look forward to progressing ETD001 through Phase 2 trials and beyond.”

TCBP Announces Dosing of 6th Patient in ACHIEVE Study in Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia

The ACHIEVE Study UK clinical trial is an open-label, phase II study designed to evaluate the efficacy and effectiveness of TCB-008 in patients with AML or MDS/AML, with either refractory or relapsed disease. ACHIEVE is comprised of two cohorts representing separate disease states. The protocol allows for either cohort to be advanced as an independent Phase III Pivotal Trial upon completion of the cohort, presuming the primary efficacy endpoints is met.

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Funding: Unveiling the Latest Medtech Financial Breakthroughs: What You Need to Know

Novo Holdings Leads $105 Mil Financing of Magenta Medical | To...

Novo Holdings reports the funds will be used to advance Magenta’s US clinical programs to support the FDA’s approval of the Elevate™ System, the world’s smallest heart pump.

Ora Announces Strategic Investment from The Vistria Group to Propel Global...

With this investment, The Vistria Group will support Ora as the globally preferred clinical research partner of ophthalmic innovators. It also marks The Vistria Group’s commitment to further supporting cutting-edge therapies and advancing diversity in specialized clinical research. Ora is the seventh company in The Vistria Group’s pharma services portfolio and underscores the firm’s continued focus on life sciences.

Acquisitions: Unveiling the Future: Medical M&A Insights

Agilent Technologies to Acquire North American CDMO BIOVECTRA

BIOVECTRA and Agilent Technologies are fully integrated CDMOs with state-of-the-art facilities that follow current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), a high standard for methods, facilities, and controls used in manufacturing, processing, and packaging of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Grünenthal Acquires US-company Valinor Pharma and Becomes Global Owner of Movantik®

"As a pain specialist, Movantik is a perfect fit for Grünenthal with our existing customer base and complementary product portfolio", says Gabriel Baertschi, CEO, Grünenthal. "The acquisition of Valinor Pharma strengthens our footprint in the United States, the most important growth market for Grünenthal."

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Hospitals in the News

Executives on the Move

Nima Farzan: New CEO at Latigo Biotherapeutics

Nima Farzan brings more than two decades' leadership experience with a strong track record in fundraising and IPOs.

Dasyo Welcomes Medical Aesthetics Industry Icon Domenic Serafino (Dom) as Executive Chair

Domenic Serafino was part of the start-up executive team at Syneron Medical Corp acting as its President of North America and Executive Vice President - Syneron Medical Israel. He was instrumental in helping Syneron IPO in 2004, reaching a market cap of $1.3 billion less than 18 months from IPO.

Healthcare Career Tips

9 Ways to Land Higher Roles in Healthcare

There are several ways to ensure speedy career advancements to achieve higher roles in healthcare. The following are some strategies to achieve this goal.

The Best Workplaces for Mental Health Counselors

This article looks at the areas where mental health counselors typically find employment, what kinds of tasks they usually carry out, and how they assist their clients.

The Intersection of Passion and Profession: Crafting a Fulfilling Career in Tech

As with any job, there are pros and cons that need to be considered before deciding if a career in tech is for you. Read on to learn more.

Nurse's Corner

Rafael Sidi, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Health Research, Wolters Kluwer Health. “In the current healthcare landscape, NPs are facing demanding workloads paired with staying current on the latest medical evidence to ensure care is meeting the needs of their patients. ClinicalPulse provides critical, high-quality learning tailor-made for NPs in a format that is convenient and easy to use.”
Registered nurses and nurse practitioners voted overwhelmingly to finalize an agreement reached in June to help DFCI recruit and retain the nurses needed to provide world-class cancer care .
Continuing professional development (CPD) has many advantages for nurses. Namely, being able to broaden their professional horizons while refreshing their existing skills, and also, staying abreast of industry advancements.
“Setting nurses up for success, supporting them effectively, and ultimately retaining them requires increasingly proactive, comprehensive strategies,” said Tom Hills, EVP of Client Engagement at Laudio. “We are excited to welcome nurse educators at Children’s National into the Laudio community.”

Medical Practice Tips

A Must-Have Medical Equipment List For Ambulatory Care Facilities

Ambulatory care facilities cover a broad range of outpatient services. Discover the essential pieces of medical equipment every provider must have.

Marketing for Doctors:10 Best Proven Activities for Your Practice

In today's digital world, doctors cannot rely on traditional marketing methods alone to attract and retain patients. Doctors in Houston must utilize digital marketing...

Top Trends in Healthcare Management IT solutions for 2024

Explore the leading healthcare management IT trends of 2024 focusing improved patient care and operational efficiency.

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Biotechnology News

Flagship Pioneering Unveils Abiologics to Pioneer Supranatural Biologics, A New Biotherapeutic Class

"For the first time, we are able to imagine and generate chemically synthesized biologics at scale and with increasing programmability, offering a new class of medicines with transformative potential," said Avak Kahvejian, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CEO of Abiologics and General Partner at Flagship Pioneering. "Creating protein biologics with artificial building blocks rather than naturally occurring amino acids allows Synteins to go unrecognized by the immune system, offering significant advantages compared to today's biologics such as less frequent dosing, oral delivery and the ability to reach parts of the body that were previously impossible to access and treat. With Synteins, Abiologics is poised to bring boundary-breaking medicines to patients across a range of diseases."

Biolyst Scientific Announces New Brand Name to Encompass EMS and Azer | Will Deepen Offerings to Clinical and Research Lab Customers

The new name, ‘Biolyst,’ reflects the essential part the company plays in the Life Sciences discoveries that make life better for all. ‘Bio’ signals where impact is felt – in enhancing and extending life – and ‘lyst’ signifies its role as catalyst in helping clinical and research labs pursue breakthroughs with accuracy and efficiency. The EMS and Azer brand names will continue to exist as ‘power brands’ within the product portfolio.

Other Industry Experts Thoughts & Opinions

How Technology Is Driving Person-Enabled Brain Health, Fueling Better Outcomes and Options | By Mark Lehmkuhle, PhD, CEO, Founder of Epitel

In brain health, traditional inpatient monitoring systems present a myriad of barriers. They often require travel to a specialized health center, are cumbersome and restrictive for patients, and technical requirements and limitations impede providers' ability to even provide such services. Today, advancements are disrupting this model to fuel the growth of person-enabled health and the ongoing treatment of chronic neurological disorders and conditions

Artificial Intelligence: Balancing Risks & Potential of a New Frontier in Health Care | By Brad Jobe, Chief Information Officer, TRIMEDX

Using artificial intelligence in clinical environments will change the cybersecurity landscape for health systems. Mr. Jobe explains how.

Health / Lifestyle

Oblemic: A Comprehensive Review & Latest Research

Oblemic Reviews suggest that by integrating this supplement with healthy lifestyle choices, individuals may see significant improvements in their health. Unlike injectable treatments such as Ozempic and Wegovy, Oblemic is designed to provide similar benefits without the associated side effects.

Bloom Nutrition Introduces Bloom Sparkling Energy Drinks

"Our mission is to help everyone bloom into their best selves, and energy consistently comes up as a key concern for Bloom consumers," says Mari Llewellyn, co-founder of Bloom Nutrition. "We heard our community's demands for an energy drink that not only fits their busy lifestyles, but prioritizes great taste and healthier ingredients. Bloom Sparkling Energy offers a delicious boost of clean energy whenever you need it."

The Critical Role of Diet in Enhancing Mental Health and Therapy Outcomes

Introduction In recent epochs, an escalating focus has converged upon the intricate interplay linking dietetic habits with mental well-being, captivating the scrutiny of erudite researchers and astute healthcare practitioners alike. Conventional modalities such as therapeutic interventions and pharmacological remedies have long prevailed as stalwart pillars in the edifice of mental health management. Yet, a burgeoning epiphany has dawned upon the collective consciousness: the indispensable import of dietary factors in synergistically augmenting these conventional paradigms. This article explores how dietary habits can influence mental health outcomes and improve the effectiveness of therapy. Kristie...

6 Ways to Stay Healthy in the Comfort of Your Home

It's simple to overlook self-care and general wellness at a time when people lead busy, demanding lives. These days, it seems difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it doesn't have to be. There are fantastic ways to exploit this without hitting the gym or entering challenging dietary plans. Learn how to make your home a sanctuary for wellness and attain your fitness goals, and here are six ways to consider. Embrace Telemedicine Through telehealth, many people can link up with health professionals miles away. It's game-changing as it eliminates the...

Consumer Articles of Interest

When to Call a Plumber: Signs You Need Professional Help

Are you dealing with plumbing problems that you can’t solve? You’re not alone. Plumbing issues range from slight inconveniences to life-altering disasters, and knowing the difference between the two can save you money and time. Here, we’ll go over some of the most common signs that it’s time to call a plumber. Drain Clogs If your sink, tub, and shower drains are always clogged, a plumber can help. Do-it-yourself approaches offer temporary relief, but stubborn clogs indicate deeper problems. When your drains don’t work, it’s time to contact a plumber...

Universities in Canada. Why Do Chinese Students Choose to Study in Canada?

In recent years, Canada has emerged as a leading destination for international students seeking quality higher education. Among the growing number of international students, Chinese nationals represent a significant portion. Why do Chinese students choose to study at Canadian universities over other options worldwide? Several key factors make Canada an attractive choice, ranging from its world-renowned educational system to its inviting social climate. Quality of Education One of the foremost reasons is the high quality of Canadian education. Canadian universities consistently rank among the top in the world, offering a wide...

Injuries in Truck Accidents: Unique Medical and Legal Aspects in Florida

Truck accidents can result in serious mental and physical injuries, largely due to the size and power of commercial trucks involved. These accidents give rise to various unique medical and legal matters that demand careful attention from victims and legal experts. Throughout this guide, we will provide more information on the distinctive aspects of injuries sustained in truck accidents within Florida and the complex medical details and legal intricacies that need to be considered. It's essential to recognize that recovering from such accidents involves more than just physical healing; it...

Exploring Wellness Trends in the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) Industry: A Guide for Health-Conscious Consumers

The Multi-Level Marketing industry is undergoing a profound transformation driven by evolving consumer preferences and technological advancements. For the health-conscious consumer, understanding these trends is essential for making informed choices about wellness products and supplements.