Monday, January 20, 2020
Breaking Medical Device Industry News


    CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center Opens First Dedicated Hospital-Based Ophthalmic Operating Room in Los Angeles County

    The new surgery suite is the first hospital-based facility dedicated to eye surgery in the Los Angeles area.

    Recovering from a Broken Bone

    Orthopaedic Surgeons Share Alternatives to Traditional Cast Treatment in Pediatric Patients

    Advancements in 3D Printing Technology Bring Promise to Orthopaedic Care

    In a new article published in the December issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (JAAOS), the authors offer an in-depth analysis of the latest 3D printing technology and explore its impact on patient care.

    AAOS Statement on Surprise Billing Proposal from House and Senate Committees

    President Kristy L. Weber, MD, FAAOS comments.

    ICUS Reports More Doctors Are Turning to Radiation-free CEUS Scans for Imaging Children

    “The benefits of CEUS for imaging children are being quickly recognized,” according to Dr. Kassa Darge, chair of the Department of Radiology at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and Founder of the Center of Pediatric Contrast Ultrasound (CPCU) at CHOP. Dr. Darge also is a member of the board of directors of ICUS.

    Gunshot Injuries Have Long-term Medical Consequences

    They found that patients who had gunshot injuries to the chest or abdomen were more likely to be readmitted to the hospital.  

    Quadriplegics May Benefit from Over-the-Skin Electrical Stimulation

    Approximately 5.4 million people are living with paralysis in the United States, with stroke and spinal cord injury the two leading causes.

    Revolutionary Lung Cancer Robot Is Unveiled

    A revolutionary robot can now detect lung cancer at an early stage allowing for more-accurate diagnosis, changing the prognosis for many now diagnosed with the #1...

    ACS NSQIP® Recognizes 88 Participating Hospitals

    Recognized hospitals are deemed “Meritorious” for their composite quality scores in eight surgical care outcome areas.

    Diane Diamantis of Tourette Syndrome Scholarship Nonprofit Wins “Rising Star” Award in International .ORG Impact Awards

    The .ORG Impact Awards is the first annual awards program recognizing .ORGs (nonprofit organizations) that are connecting communities, making a difference in the world, and leveraging the Internet for transformative change and mission achievement. The .ORG Impact Award program was created by Public Interest Registry (recently rebranded to .ORG), who operates the .ORG, .NGO and .ONG online domains.

    Dr. Douglas Drachman Named Next Annual Scientific Session Vice Chair of the American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session

    Drachman will serve as vice-chair for ACC.21 and ACC.22 and transition to chair for ACC.23 and ACC.24.

    American College of Cardiology Issues Principles for Overcoming Compensation, Opportunity Inequity

    The document is the first in a new series of ACC workforce health policy documents and will serve as guidance for clinicians and administrators to advance the profession toward the goals of fairness, including minimizing and reducing disparities, and improved patient care.

    Updates to the 2019 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes

    Revisions include updated treatment information for adults and youth with type 2 diabetes and new guidelines for people with diabetes who use continuous glucose monitoring.

    New Study Validates Rigorous Safety Measures Needed To Reduce Mercury Exposure During Dental Amalgam Filling Removal

    "For decades, our non-profit organization has been concerned about this issue and collected research about amalgam fillings, all of which contain approximately 50% mercury, a known neurotoxin," explains IAOMT President Michael Rehme, DDS, NMD.  "Based on this science, we have strongly recommended that safety measures be enacted for dental procedures involving these silver-colored fillings, and we have also intensely advocated for the end of dental amalgam usage."

    Jeff Shuren, M.D., J.D., Statement on FDA Efforts to Increase Transparency in Medical Device Reporting

    U.S. Food and Drug Administration's Center for Devices and Radiological Health is taking a number of important steps to update its Medical Device Reporting (MDR) Program, one of the tools the FDA uses to monitor device performance, detect potential device-related safety concerns or signals and contribute to the benefit-risk assessment of these products.

    AAOS Opposition Statement to Senate HELP Surprise Billing Proposal

    President Kristy L. Weber, MD, “While the AAOS supports removing patients from the middle of out-of-network billing disputes, we strongly believe that imposing an insurer-controlled rate is not the solution. The Lower Health Care Costs Act represents an unprecedented transfer of market power by the government to insurers and directly threatens the independent practice of medicine."

    ACC Names First Director of Diversity and Inclusion

    The American College of Cardiology welcomes Ranna Parekh, MD, MPH, as its first Director of Diversity and Inclusion. By working with the ACC Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion and other societies and organizations, Parekh will lead and expand the College’s diversity and inclusion initiatives to create a more diverse and inclusive environment within the field of cardiovascular disease and strive for a fully inclusive organization and profession.

    ACR Applauds Bipartisan Proposal to Address Surprise Medical Bills

    The preliminary outline for the Protecting People From Surprise Medical Bills Act strikes a necessary balance by providing strong patient protections, while simultaneously improving transparency, promoting access to appropriate medical care and avoiding the creation of disincentives for insurers and health care providers to negotiate network participation contracts in good faith. 

    AAOS Encouraged by Protecting People from Surprise Billing Act

    “Unanticipated medical bills can have a profound effect on patient health care costs and the physician-patient relationship. Especially during a time when rapid market consolidation is driving up costs, decreasing patient choice, and inhibiting industry competition. The problem is further exacerbated as health insurance plans increasingly offer narrow, often inadequate networks of providers.

    American College of Cardiology Thanks Senators McConnell, Kaine for Efforts to Reduce Youth Tobacco Use

    On behalf of our patients, ACC members thank the Senators for their efforts to reduce youth tobacco use and stand ready to partner with them—and other members of Congress—to enact strong legislation establishing a federal age of 21 for the sale of all tobacco products.”

    Proceedings from inaugural Medical Summit on Firearm Injury Prevention Released

    Leaders from the 43 national medical organizations and the American Bar Association attended the historic meeting on February 10-11 in Chicago, which was hosted by the American College of Surgeons Committee on Trauma (ACS COT).

    The 2019 Kelly West Award to Be Presented to Elizabeth J. Mayer-Davis, PhD

    This award recognizes significant contributions to the field of diabetes epidemiology. Dr. Mayer-Davis will be recognized with this honor at the ADA’s 79th Scientific Sessions, June 7-11, 2019, at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. She will deliver her Kelly West Award Lecture titled, “Improving Outcomes—Translating Epidemiology to Clinical Trials,” on Sunday, June 9.

    5/7/19: Sadaf Farooqi, MB, ChB (Hons), PhD, Named American­­­ Diabetes Association’s® 2019 Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award

    The American Diabetes Association® (ADA) will present the 2019 Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award (OSAA) to Sadaf Farooqi, MB, ChB (Hons), PhD. Dr. Farooqi will be recognized with this honor, which is given annually for research in diabetes that demonstrates particular independence of thought and originality, during the ADA’s 79th Scientific Sessions, June 7-11, 2019, at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco. She will deliver her OSAA Lecture, titled “Obesity and the Biology of Weight Regulation,” during the National Scientific and Health Care Achievement Awards Presentation on Monday, June 10.