Pauline T. Mayer Editor

Pauline T. Mayer is President of PTM Healthcare Marketing, Inc. and has extensive experience in medical public relations and marketing. Her strengths lie in managing public relations campaigns for the medical device industry, particularly startups, medical specialists and medical conferences. She has managed and promoted advocacy issues for several non-profits and has helped facilitate public awareness on regulatory issues.

The Thought Behind Medical Device News Magazine

Over the years, Ms. Mayer has utilized top wire services to distribute her clients news. Unfortunately, medical specialists rarely visit those wire websites. In addition, most print publications charge significant advertising dollars to print physician articles in special sections which are then mailed to their subscriber. Many publishing houses are finding it harder and harder to sell print and as a result, they have resorted to controlled distribution of their print publications.

No doubt that the digital age is here to stay and with GOOGLE leading the way! In fact, expect to see more changes in the next two-three years in the continuing medical education space and more.

A Digital Publication for the Practicing Medical Specialist!

Ms. Mayer created MEDICAL DEVICE NEWS MAGAZINE, a digital publication, specifically for the medical specialist. The magazine is intended for medical specialists to author opinion pieces on their experiences working with various medical devices.

In many instances, manuscripts intended for peer-reviewed journals, may not make the cut either because of bias or other reasons.  Medical Device News Magazine allows specialists to reveal the positives and the negatives working with your devices!

Contact the Editor of Medical Device News Magazine at 561.316.3330 or email.