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Quibim Bolsters US Market Positioning with Hiring of Dr Glen Weiss as CMO

Quibim – a leading oncology imaging and AI-guided precision solutions company – is furthering its expansion into the U.S. biopharma and healthcare market with the hiring of Dr. Glen J. Weiss, MD, MBA, as its new Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

“Quibim is revolutionizing medical imaging and advancing personalized medicine,” said Angel Alberich-Bayarri, CEO at Quibim. “Dr. Weiss’ expertise and visionary approach will greatly contribute to our mission, and we look forward to the exciting opportunities and achievements that lie ahead for our company.”

Quibim plays a vital role in enhancing clinical trial design, optimizing drug development, and managing large volumes of imaging data while creating new predictive imaging biomarker panels that benefit patients, providers, and companies alike. The company’s medical division incorporates innovative tools into imaging software and data extraction analytics, as well as into therapy effectiveness assessment by enabling lesion highlighting and volumetric data analysis.

Quibim aspires to be the go-to provider and category leader in predictive imaging biomarkers, novel diagnostics, and IP development for personalized medicine imaging solutions. The hiring of Dr. Weiss, who is based in Boston, marks a significant milestone in Quibim’s growth and development in the U.S. – positioning the company well for substantial expansion in research exploration, collaboration, and business development.

As CMO, Dr. Weiss will lead Quibim’s medical division, providing strategic guidance on personalized medicine, scientific development of platforms, and clinical applications. This will be critical to shaping the company’s clinical strategy and positioning for discovery and care solutions while increasing company awareness.

“I can envision a future where medical imaging evolves from a diagnostic tool to a dynamic theranostic for clinical drug development,” said Dr. Weiss. “Harmonization of medical solutions, particularly in imaging, to enhance real-world evidence interpretation and clinical trial reporting is critical. Quibim has mastered this.”

Dr. Weiss has an impressive background encompassing over 100 phase 1-3 oncology studies and significant experience in biomarker/translational research studies. He has published more than 300 peer-reviewed articles and abstracts in journals, including the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Lancet Oncology, Nature Communications, Clinical Cancer Research, and Cancer Cell.

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