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Schreiner Group Welcomes Brian Zumbolo | Experienced Top Manager

Schreiner Group Welcomes Brian Zumbolo | Experienced Top Manager
Brian Zumbolo, left, with Roland Schreiner

Great news for Schreiner Group in the United States. Experienced top manager Brian Zumbolo is the new President of the US plant in Blauvelt, near New York. The Schreiner Group LP branch has been in existence since 2008. More than 80 employees now produce high-tech products for the entire North American market. The position had become vacant because the previous U.S. manager, Gene Dul, had taken a well-deserved retirement after 15 successful years.

Schreiner Group has performed very well in the U.S. over the past few years – now there is the opportunity to take the business to a new level of growth and expansion,” Brian Zumbolo says, excited about his new job – and stating a clear growth path. “I believe Schreiner Group still has great market potential in the United States. In the future, I see our potential as equaling that of the Schreiner Group business in Europe.”

The new U.S. head knows exactly what he is talking about. In the past, he has already worked in Schreiner Group’s two most important markets, Healthcare and Mobility, most recently for a major supplier in the automotive industry. He has experience in developing new markets, in acquisitions, in driving customer specifications, and in developing strong teams. For six years, he had led the Asia-Pacific business of a major U.S. company from China. “I am pleased that we were able to attract such an experienced leader for our largest international facility so quickly,” says Chief Executive Officer Roland Schreiner. “With his experience and vision, Brian Zumbolo is a great asset to Schreiner Group.”

The U.S. plant in Blauvelt was founded 15 years ago by the current CEO Roland Schreiner, who at the time was head of the MediPharm business unit. Since then, it has developed enormously, both in terms of employee numbers, sales and product diversity. With his leadership principles of “listening, learning, and always being willing to adapt,” Brian Zumbolo is a perfect manager for the modern family-owned business. In fact, the 54-year-old is originally from New York State, where Schreiner Group LP is located. After 25 years in Minneapolis, he is looking forward to moving back home with his family: “I’m very happy to be back in New York.”

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