Advanced Reconstructive Surgery Alliance Launches Platform

Center for Restorative Breast Surgery and St. Charles Surgical Hospital Join The Plastic Surgery Center & Affiliates in Elite Network of Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgeons

Advanced Reconstructive Surgery Alliance (“ARSA”), a comprehensive physician management services organization, officially announced its formation, as well as its partnership with Center for Restorative Breast Surgery and St. Charles Surgical Hospital.  Center for Restorative Breast Surgery (“CRBS”) and St. Charles Surgical Hospital joins the ARSA consortium, which is comprised of The Plastic Surgery Center, Institute for Advanced Reconstruction, Premier Surgical Network, Look Natural Hair Restoration and Sycamore Medispa

These best-in-class practices represent many of the leading reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons throughout the United States.  

Headquartered in Tinton Falls, NJ, ARSA is partnering with leading reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons who seek a strategic partner with the capital resources and expertise to invest in best-in-class practice infrastructure and facilitate future growth. As part of this alliance, ARSA practice members will continue to deliver excellent patient care and further enhance clinical quality through collaboration with their new colleagues and ARSA’s management resources. Joining ARSA will offer members greater economies of scale, enhanced clinical interaction, and an overall competitive advantage. 

“This is an exciting time for the Advanced Reconstructive Surgery Alliance, and we are proud to be partnering with the organization,” said Frank DellaCroce, MD, FACS, Co-Founder of the Center for Restorative Breast Surgery.  “We are committed to delivering the highest quality care that aligns with ARSA.  This alliance should allow us to expand our presence within the markets we serve, positively impacting the lives of more patients.” 

Center for Restorative Breast Surgery’s physicians are pioneers in the art of rebuilding breasts lost to cancer, preventive mastectomy, developmental defects, and deformities associated with previous surgery. CRBS utilizes sophisticated microsurgical techniques allowing for recreation of the breast with natural tissue while preserving strength and restoring beauty.  CRBS has pioneered groundbreaking procedures including Nipple Sparing Mastectomy, the Stacked Flap SM, the SGAP, the BODY LIFT Flap®, and the APEX FlapSM. 

ARSA is bringing together national leaders in reconstructive and cosmetic care.  This network has the common goal of improving life through surgery and science.  The ARSA leadership team is led by Dr. Andrew Elkwood, CEO a practicing reconstructive surgeon.  

“What makes ARSA unique is its focus on reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.  We designed this network with the common goal of bringing together key opinion leaders in the plastic surgery field to provide the best possible care to patients,” explained Andrew Elkwood, MD, CEO of ARSA.  “ARSA has created a business model that enables reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons to have an ownership interest and the ability to participate in ARSA’s future. Practices within the network will continue to drive all clinical decisions and remain highly involved in strategic operations via the Medical Leadership Board.” 

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