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Editorial: Pauline T. Mayer is President of PTM Healthcare Marketing, Inc. and has extensive experience in medical public relations and marketing. Her strengths lie in managing public relations campaigns for the medical device industry, particularly startups, medical specialists, and medical conferences.
Pauline has managed and promoted advocacy issues for several non-profits and has helped facilitate public awareness on regulatory issues.
Over the years, Ms. Mayer has utilized top wire services to distribute her client’s news, has placed bylined articles in special sections in numerous trade publications and more. Most trade publications charge a significant amount of advertising dollars to print physician/industry/executive KOL authored articles.
Unfortunately, many publishing houses are finding it challenging to meet their sales forecasts. Why? Print magazine campaigns are costly.
As print publications decline, Medical Device News Magazine climbs!  We are the best-kept secret on the Internet and we work hard to circulate your news executing creative marketing strategies. Curious? We invite you to learn more about Medical Device News Magazine including advertising.

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