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Friday, March 24, 2023

Augmedix Announces an Updated Version of Its proprietary Notebuilder Tool

Notebuilder is the key natural language processing (NLP) component of the Augmedix technology platform, enabling virtual scribes to create best practice clinical notes powered by intelligent automation.

Augmedix notes the updated Notebuilder now includes all three major sections of the note (History of Present Illness, Physical Exam and Assessment & Plan), external medication datasets and customized note content based upon clinician preferences.

Notebuilder utilizes identifiers such as specialty, visit type, complaints, symptoms and frequency alongside scribe specific inputs, to automatically generate and organize clinically relevant structured medical notes which can then be inserted into the patient’s electronic health record (EHR). Selection options are dynamically filtered as the virtual scribe makes entries such that the most relevant selections are displayed. This intelligent automation approach achieves cost-effective, accurate, and timely documentation.

“We often hear how artificial intelligence (AI) will replace the human workforce. We have found that when it comes to capturing clinical conversations, which are essentially unstructured data, the most effective solution available today is the use of a hybrid model: blending both AI and human intellect,” said Manny Krakaris, Chief Executive Officer at Augmedix. “We are thrilled to bring our enhanced Notebuilder solution to our global scribe workforce. Based on the experience of our scribes already using the tool across the globe, we know that we are delivering cost-effective, timely and accurate clinical documentation to our customers.”

Notebuilder allows customizations based upon specialty, clinic or individual clinician preferences. Specific clinician preference templates can be saved within the tool and used by the virtual scribe as needed. Notebuilder provides virtual scribes with access to medical data sets such as a medication database with dosages, frequency and related side effects.

“Technology is built to help clinicians, but we know that it often has the opposite effect, slowing down processes and impairing operational efficiencies,” said Dr. Davin Lundquist, Chief Medical Officer at Augmedix. “Notebuilder empowers clinicians to care for their patients while the visit is simultaneously being documented in real-time by a specialty trained scribe. Notebuilder enables our clinicians to have natural, ambient conversations with their patients unlike other solutions which force more rigidity and behavior change, and in many cases, outright dictation. Technology is best when it enhances clinician workflow—we solve this challenge by combining AI and the knowledge of clinicians to more efficiently complete documentation.”


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