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CellPly announces Emiliano Spagnolo as the new CEO

CellPly announces Emiliano Spagnolo as the new CEO
Emiliano Spagnolo

CellPly, the pioneer in multiparametric single-cell analysis and automated potency testing for cell therapy, today announced the appointment of Emiliano Spagnolo to the role of CEO, starting from July 14, 2023. Spagnolo joins CellPly after 15 years at Comecer Group, a company commercializing automated solutions for pharmaceutical products manufacturing, including Advanced Therapeutics Medicinal Products (ATMP), where he drove above-market growth for multiple business lines. Spagnolo succeeds current CellPly CEO and founder Massimo Bocchi, who will be moving into a Chief Strategy Officer role with the company.

“Having spent the last 15 years growing the Comecer Group from a family-owned company to a multinational group, I’m excited by the tremendous potential in CellPly capabilities and the VivaCyte Platform to accelerate our understanding of cancer and to enable novel cell and gene therapy development with biopharma partners,” said Emiliano Spagnolo, CEO of CellPly.

“The 9 years I spent leading CellPly have been an incredible journey, I am thankful to the investors who believed in our initial idea leaving me the opportunity to guide an extraordinary team in making this idea an actual product,” said Massimo Bocchi, Cellply founder and Chief Strategy Officer. “Emiliano shares our vision about the opportunity to revolutionize the development of cell therapies and immunotherapies by characterizing the immune system function at the single-cell level. He also recognizes the uniqueness of the world-class technical team that throughout the years developed a game-changer technology with passion, motivated by the ambition to support the development of life-saving therapies. Emiliano will bring Cellply to the next level by combining this technical expertise with the commercial and operational growth that the company needs to be a key player in a global market,” added Bocchi.

Before joining CellPly, Spagnolo led the commercial organization at Comecer and the opening of subsidiaries in India, China, Emirates and USA. He also led the transition of Comecer into ATS Automation Group having the opportunity to be part of strategic teams managing M&A operations and company integrations.

“We are excited to get Emiliano on board with us,” said Alessia Zanelli, Chair of the Board at CellPly. “We are all looking forward for extraordinary results during the coming years of Cellply thanks to his experience together with the rest of the entire team at Cellply,” added Zanelli.

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