EaglePicher Medical Power Introduces New Contego 440 mAh Lithium-ion Battery

New Contego® 440: An Implantable & Rechargeable Large-capacity, Small-footprint Cell Utilizing a Proven Chemistry that Has Extensive Cycling Data Across Multiple Medical Customers

EaglePicher® Medical Power, a division of EaglerPicher Technologies, announced today the launch of the all-new Contego® 440 mAh battery, an implantable grade, lightweight, and high-energy-density lithium-ion battery.

According to EaglePicher, the rechargeable off-the-shelf Contego 440 offers superior rate capability and cycle life and is manufactured in a certified ISO13405 facility.

The Contego 440 battery comes in a fully welded hermetically sealed stainless-steel case and can be used across a range of medical applications including neuromodulators, drug pumps, body fluid pumps, and cardiac monitors. The individual battery weighs just 19.1g and carries a voltage range of 3.0 to 4.1V. While the Contego 440 is available off-the-shelf, additional options include custom terminations, application-specific documentation for FDA submission, application-specific testing, custom markings, and custom packaging.

“We’re extremely pleased to introduce the Contego 440 as part of our growing line of mission-critical medical device batteries,” commented Chris Huntington, EaglePicher Medical Power’s President. “The team at EaglePicher Medical Power is committed to developing the latest technology innovations to fuel medical advancement, treatment protocols and improve quality of life. With the new Contego 440, we’ve succeeded in delivering more energy in a small, lightweight cell, while never compromising safety.”

EaglePicher has been at the forefront of implantable medical-grade power solutions for over 25 years. The electrochemistry used in Contego lithium-ion batteries, since 2004, is proven in multiple cell sizes and is remarkably robust, without experiencing a single field failure. Over time, demand has grown for batteries like the new Contego 440, which can do more with less of a physical footprint.

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