Eva Medtec Advises Breakthrough Neuroglide™ Pain Relief & Recovery System Receives Reimbursement From Workers’ Comp Insurance for Patients with Back/Neck Pain

Eva Medtec, Inc. has announced in addition to ongoing over-the-counter sales and clinician referrals, they are also accepting prescriptions for their innovative Neuroglide system for patients who have back/neck pain related to a workers’ compensation claim.

The patented, FDA-cleared Neuroglide Back/Neck Pad is the first of a system of automated therapy devices that provide effective, convenient, and sustainable pain management solutions for at-home use.

The technology is designed to emulate a therapeutic modality called manual lymphatic drainage (MLD). MLD triggers the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, activating powerful natural relaxation and pain relief pathways.

“We are so pleased that recipients are seeing improvements in their back and neck pain thanks to Neuroglide—and we’re excited that physicians are recognizing the impact that our device can have on their patients’ pain levels,” says Neuroglide inventor and Eva Medtec founder Irene Waldridge.

Workers’ compensation insurance companies must then give Eva Medtec prior authorization in order for a patient to receive a Neuroglide system.

Note: insurance companies approve the Neuroglide system on a case-by-case basis. Not all claims are guaranteed to be approved. Approval for prior authorization is not guaranteed.

Neuroglide inventor Irene Waldridge previously founded Tactile Medical where she held four patents as the inventor of the Flexitouch® System for the treatment of lymphedema and venous insufficiency.

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