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Focal Laser Ablation System Receives FDA Approval – Ablates Soft Tissue in a Physician’s Office Requiring No General Anesthesia

December 16, 2020

Focal laser ablation system is designed to ablate soft tissue in a physician’s office. It uses a proprietary laser needle and a thermal optical sensor to precisely target and treats soft tissue while minimizing the impact on healthy tissues states Avenda Health. The company will focus its commercialization efforts on urology applications.

“We purposely designed our therapy system to be simple and intuitive to use in a physician’s office. Given the current strain on the healthcare system due to COVID-19, we believe it is vital for more therapies to move from the hospital setting to an office-based procedure,” states Dr. Brittany Berry-Pusey, co-founder and COO of Avenda Health.

“This device is backed by over a decade of research. With our first FDA clearance, we are now able to offer this revolutionary technology to patients and will quickly be following up with additional technologies from our pipeline including an investigational version that is being used in clinical trials for the treatment of intermediate-risk prostate cancer,” said Dr. Shyam Natarajan, co-founder, and CEO of Avenda Health.

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