GEDSA Announces New Executive Director following Retirement of Previous Director

New Leadership in Non-Profit Focused on Patient Safety

GEDSA Announces New Executive Director following Retirement of Previous Director

On December 9, 2021, the Global Enteral Device Supplier Association (GEDSA), announced to its membership and supporting organizations, the Board of Directors’ official appointment of the new Executive Director, the latest update to the nonprofit’s leadership.

Following a long career of public service and industry leadership, (now former) GEDSA Executive Director, Michael K. Cusack announced his retirement from the nonprofit on December 3, 2021.

Cusack joined GEDSA in 2013 as a representative for GEDSA member, Xeridiem, then transitioned to Executive Director of GEDSA in 2018 with the goal of furthering patient safety around small bore connectors.

Cusack has overseen GEDSA’s patient safety initiatives around the globe, with a special attention this past year to reach ~50% conversion in the United States and ~45% conversion in Canada to the improved safety of the ENFit enteral feeding connectors.

“I am happy that my departure from GEDSA comes at a time when we have reached such a large goal,” says Cusack, “our team has worked relentlessly to help increase awareness and education around the ISO 80369 standard to improve patient safety and I know it will not stop in my absence.”

On December 8, 2021, GEDSA announced the election of its new Executive Director, Benjamin Davis. He is an Executive Engineer, previously of NeoMed, a part of the Avanos family of companies, who remains a GEDSA member today.

Davis has been involved in the ISO 80369 standard since 2012 and an active member since GEDSA was formalized in 2013. Recently he served as GEDSA’s Interim Chairman and acting Vice President of the Board of Directors. Davis has also served on multiple committees within GEDSA and has contributed to multiple studies that the organization has been involved with. He has also served as the member representative on GEDSA’s Clinical Advisory Board.

The transition to leadership appears to be a natural flow for the organization, pairing Davis’ experience from the past with vision for the future holds much to look forward to from the non-profit.

When asked about his new endeavor Davis replied, “GEDSA is an extraordinary organization in that it is comprised of medical device manufacturers who are all competitors, but they come together in the interest of patient safety. I’ve been proud to serve GEDSA through the years and I’m excited for this opportunity and for the future of the organization. GEDSA has played a crucial role in carrying out the ISO 80369 mission of patient safety and I’m honored to now lead and advance that mission.”

Amongst the changes, four Board of Directors seats come to term in January of 2022, as elected representatives of membership close out their three-year terms. GEDSA ran elections in November 2021 and elected the new representatives for the next three years, the new terms begin January 1, 2022.

GEDSA thanks its departing BOD members:

  • Franco Datillo, formerly of Boston Scientific
  • Ben Davis, formerly of NeoMed
  • Tom Hancock, Vesco
  • Patrick Delorme, Cair

GEDSA welcomes the newly elected BOD members:

  • Marc Waldman, Avanos
  • Paul van Raan, Nutricia
  • Kevin Maki, GBUK
  • Luis Pacheco, Smiths Medical

Those leaving their positions will remain active contributors within the organization under new leadership, in a different capacity. The changes within GEDSA spark excitement in the organization as it moves into its next chapter.

To learn more and see a full list of GEDSA members.

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