GEP Introduces a Free Portal & Service to Connect Health Care Providers: Beginning with Hospitals in New York, New Jersey & Connecticut with PPE Suppliers

GEP, a leading provider of procurement and supply chain strategy, software and managed services to Fortune 500 companies, introduced a free portal — www.gep.com/covid19help/ — and service to connect health care providers — beginning with hospitals in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut — with personal protective equipment (PPE) suppliers.

This service combines an online portal with the company’s procurement and supply chain specialists, for:

  1. Suppliers – with PPE equipment (N-95 masks, surgical masks, ventilators, isolation gowns, etc.) to be connected with the health care providers in need.
  2. Manufacturers/small businesses – to be connected with subject-matter experts for help in distributing excess capacity, repurposing equipment, or packaging.
  3. Health care providers – to provide details of their required PPE products to be connected with suppliers in GEP’s database.

GEP has proactively provided details of suppliers with PPE equipment to tri-state’s major hospital networks since mid-March. It is launching this portal to scale its effort to identify and connect the PPE suppliers with the health care providers.

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