Hisense HD60 Demonstrated in Clinical Training at University Hospital of Valdecilla in Spain

Hisense HD60 Demonstrated in Clinical Training at University Hospital of Valdecilla in Spain
Hisense HD60 Demonstrated in Clinical Training at University Hospital of Valdecilla

Hisense, a manufacturer and provider of high-performance electronics and medical devices, recently participated at Spain’s University Hospital of Valdecilla clinical ultrasound in traumatology training program as part of the company’s effort for global expansion. Since the beginning of this year, Hisense has accelerated its entry into the international medical equipment market and continued market expansion in countries such as South Africa, Spain, and several other European countries.

The University Hospital of Valdecilla (El Hospital Universitario Marqués de Valdecilla), established in 1929, is a leading central hospital situated in the city of Santander, Cantabria, in Northern Spain. It is a prominent medical institution that represents the epitome of local medical and health care. The hospital boasts eight cutting-edge research centers, specializing in areas like lung and pancreas transplants, as well as children’s hematopoietic transplants. The medical care and quality provided at the hospital have earned it the QH Seal Two-Star recognition and IHHI (Children’s Hospital Humanization Index) certification. With over 20 service units, the hospital is equipped to provide comprehensive medical care.

The hospital is currently exploring personalized precision medicine, which combines daily diagnosis and treatment with cutting-edge laboratory technology to deliver comprehensive and precise data for experts across various fields to evaluate and address challenging issues.

One of the hospital’s ongoing personalized precision medicine projects is the use of ultrasound equipment for MSK trauma grade evaluation. Doctors can leverage ultrasound image diagnosis information to improve the treatment plan, track the actual effect of the treatment process, and evaluate rehabilitation.

Users were given ultrasound training in MSK and nerve pain management by the director of the Neurology Department of Ramón y Cajal University Hospital. The Hisense HD60’s ultrasound image resolution and ease-of-use impressed all who felt that it effectively fulfills the demanding requirements for trauma ultrasound.

Hisense has successfully introduced its ultrasound and medical display products to several countries, such as South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Indonesia, Thailand, and Germany. The company firmly believes that its future growth rests in the international market. Thus, it remains dedicated to expanding its global presence and providing excellent medical equipment to medical professionals and patients worldwide.

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