HOYA’s Visionary Alliance Loyalty Program Exceeds 90-Day Expectations

Customers at all levels are experiencing tiered benefits and rewards

Ophthalmic lens technology leader HOYA Vision Care announced today that the Visionary Alliance, the company’s multi-tiered loyalty program for eye care professionals (ECPs), doubled its 90-day growth expectations following its announcement in May.

Factors for the high enrollment can be attributed to the programs’ uniqueness in the industry. Unlike other programs, the Visionary Alliance is so much more than a glorified discount veiled in points. Customer loyalty is rewarded with escalating value-added services and a truly independent community of peers that ECPs deserve.

“Since launching the Visionary Alliance, ECPs are increasingly choosing HOYA to help their businesses thrive,” said Patrick McCarthy, HOYA Vice President of Sales for Independent Eye Care. “We know our customers and prioritize their needs, and we will continue expanding the value of our program benefits in all tiers.”

The Visionary Alliance offers benefits, tools, and resources that unlock at every level: Insider, Pro, and Elite. At all levels, customers earn and redeem points to exchange for rewards, plus get single sign on access to HOYA Hub and the HOYA Learning Center.

As of October 4, 2021, the program has been enhanced even further to offer growth opportunity baseline-driven add-ons that ECPs can participate in at all levels. This additional benefit offers even more chances to grow their practice and earn rewards on brand and category-specific programs.

Not just a points program, fun and exclusivity are woven into the Visionary Alliance. At Vision Expo West, more than 100 members took advantage of free gondola rides offered by HOYA. The Visionary Alliance also delivered on its promise to host exclusive events for Elite level members across the country. On September 30, HOYA hosted its first global Foresight event live from London. The event featured speakers from Orbis International and the Nomads agency to forecast myopia management and consumer behavior trends.


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