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ICI’s New Biorisk Cloud Platform Helps Organizations Protect their Workforces from Biorisk Threats

To help businesses, agencies and healthcare providers protect their people from biorisk threats, Infrared Cameras Incorporated (ICI) today unveiled its new Biorisk Cloud Platform.

Combining infrared technology and a proprietary, cloud-based data management solution, ICI helps organizations across industries report and manage biorisk, such as COVID-19, to avoid potential safety incidents and operational disruptions.

With accurate, real-time temperature readings, ICI’s platform streams data from thermal cameras to ICI’s proprietary cloud platform to identify biorisk patterns and threats before they cause operational issues like facility closures or shuttering of distribution centers. The cloud platform, supported by Amazon Web Services, can be readily integrated into an organization’s current business intelligence and operational platforms to help enhance reporting and improve safety and operational processes.

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations have realized tens of millions of lost operational hours due to outbreaks within their facilities,” said Gary Strahan, Chief Executive Officer at ICI. “Unfortunately, with new variants, including the extremely contagious Omicron variant, organizations will continue to be at risk of COVID-19 outbreaks within their facilities for years to come. Fortunately, ICI has developed a solution.”

According to the CDC, fever is the most common symptom of COVID-19 and is present in nearly 80% of cases. Through immediate, accurate identification of febrile individuals, organizations are able to mitigate exposure to COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

“With nearly 90% of workers admitting to going to work while potentially infectious, outbreaks within organizations have become commonplace. These outbreaks lead to employee downtime, lower outputs, and a negative impact to an organization’s bottom line. Our platform helps organizations keep their people safe and their operations running smoothly,” said Strahan.

Texas Children’s Hospital, one of the largest and most comprehensive specialty pediatric hospitals in the U.S., is using ICI’s Biorisk Cloud Platform for temperature screening across its hospital, clinic and specialty care center locations.

“Providing extra protection for everyone in our facilities, we have deployed thirty cameras for screening employees across our buildings, tracking temperatures to help prevent anyone with COVID-19 from entering,” said Bert Gumeringer, Senior Vice President of Facilities Operations, Texas Children’s Hospital. “This type of screening is now a way of life. ICI is making it a smooth and efficient process for us and employee response has been fantastic.”

ICI’s platform is catered to an organization’s structure and processes, allowing them to communicate the most relevant data to each user.

Key features of the platform include:

  • Real-time, automated notifications;

  • Multifaceted analytics;

  • Customizable dashboards;

  • Ability to set benchmarks and identify deviations before they cause disruptions; and

  • Seamless integration with your organization’s current systems and processes including most access control and VM systems proprietary AI algorithms.

From design and implementation to calibration and training, ICI expert technicians service and educate customers every step of the way.

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