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Inscopix Expands Strategic Partnership with GRINTECH to Become Exclusive Global Supplier of GRIN lenses

Inscopix, Inc., a neuroscience company helping decode the brain for tomorrow’s treatments, announced that it is expanding its strategic supplier partnership with leading gradient index (GRIN) lens manufacturer GRINTECH GmbH to be the sole exclusive seller of GRIN lenses for neuroscience research applications.

The company offers innovative miniature-microscope (miniscope) based imaging platforms and scientific consulting services for advancing neuroscience research, and with this partnership, hopes to bring to the broader scientific community the innovative GRIN-based lens technology that GRINTECH has pioneered.

In addiiton, the company has committed to continuing to support legacy GRINTECH customers with their micro-endoscope imaging needs across all non-human neuroscience research applications, and with this new agreement, Inscopix will serve any customer in the brain imaging research market. The partnership will also mean that Inscopix Field Scientific Consultants, Customer Support teams and the on-line support portal Inscopix iQ will now be available to all GRIN lens customers, irrespective of whether the user or lab is a customer of Inscopix’s miniscope-based platform.

“As a dedicated neuroscience partner, we are excited to be able to serve the broader research community with not just more GRIN lens products, but with our enhanced scientific support, customer service and volume-based pricing discounts,” said Kunal Ghosh, Ph.D., CEO of Inscopix. ”The expansion of our partnership with GRINTECH also represents a natural evolution of the long-standing relationship our two companies have had.”

Inscopix’s technology is already in use by basic and translational researchers in more than 600 labs in both academia and pharma, which have produced almost 200 publications describing many breakthrough discoveries about brain function and disorders. By uncovering the connections between neurons, the company and its collaborators are able to gain insights into directly actionable targets for therapeutic intervention to treat brain-related diseases.

“This partnership allows our customers to get a higher quality product with support and resources built in, and we’re looking forward to this improved buyer experience,” said Bernhard Messerschmidt, Ph.D., CEO of GRINTECH GmbH.

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