Lutronic Changes the Game with the Derma V Dermatology Platform

Lutronic, the global leader in intelligent, energy-based systems for medical aesthetics, introduces Derma V, a ground-breaking dermatology workstation. Combining three unique treatment approaches – the core of a dermatologist’s toolbox – in one single, precise, powerful machine. Derma V has completely redefined the dermatology workstation. After years in the making, Lutronic has set an exceptional new standard for innovation and excellence with Derma V.

“We created a device that brings the essential lasers that skin specialists need for their daily work – vascular, pigment and rejuvenation – into a single, powerful and user-friendly technology,” states James Bartholomeusz, Lutronic’s Chief Technology Officer. “Lutronic improved every aspect of currently available platforms: usability, speed, safety, and tracking technology. This is the kind of leap in technological innovation that only happens every 15-20 years.”

Prior to Derma V, dermatologists and skin specialists were forced to juggle technologies, switching from one purpose-built laser to another to use the right tool for the right procedure, often sacrificing efficacy and safety for speed and useability, or vice-versa. A pulsed dye laser has long been the laser of choice for addressing various vascular issues but doesn’t target pigment concerns. While this laser may be safest and currently most efficacious, there are drawbacks to using it in a busy practice, such as breakdown-prone components and replaceable dyes that are less than ideal. This technology, in use across the industry, was long overdue for a complete reimagining.

Combining gold standard ICD skin cooling, optimal fluence, optimal wavelengths and flexible pulse duration and structures, the Derma V redefines what a 532nm “green” laser can be. The Derma V has over three times more power than the next best green laser, resulting in a wider range of fluence and spot size that help its more flexible wavelength penetrate deeper. It dramatically increases the range of possible treatments compared to green lasers of the past. Optimal cryogen based epidermal protection allows the operator to treat with the energy and power required for tough vascular lesions and to work quickly and efficiently, while providing comfort without pressure sensitivity or contact gels.

IntelliTrack™, Derma V’s proprietary, contact-based speed sensing technology, automatically tracks movement of the handpiece, delivering perfect coverage of the treatment area 3 times faster than any other solutions.

Dermatologists currently testing Derma V are enthusiastic. “I can precisely select the pulse wavelength and structure,” says Dr. Suzanne Kilmer, of Sacramento, CA. “Whether I’m targeting melanin, scars, or vessels of any size, I can pick and choose my ideal parameters. I’m effectively treating vascular lesions, as well as port wine stains that had not been responding as well to other laser treatments. I’m achieving safe and effective results with no side effects, and I can treat a large area much faster than I could with my old lasers.”

“Dermatologists need their technology – which they use all day, every day – to be as fast and reliable. They want multiple wavelengths and more power to be able to treat the widest array of pigment, vascular conditions,” Bartholomeusz explains. “But they also care about safety and keeping their patients comfortable. With Derma V, we created a workstation that brings the 532nm green laser together with the most powerful 1064nm laser to cover all the current treatment needs. These things, plus ICD cooling and IntelliTrack™, differentiate Lutronic’s state-of-the-art Derma V dermatology workstation from the rest, and set a new global standard for platform laser technology.”


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