MC-Rx Formalizes Pharmacy Benefit Coverage for Theranica’s Nerivio®, Providing Millions of Covered Members Access to the Novel Drug-Free Migraine Therapeutic

Agreement Simplifies and Accelerates Patient Access to Effective, Low Side Effect Drug Free Therapy for Acute Treatment of Migraine

News MC-Rx Formalizes Pharmacy Benefit Coverage for Theranica’s Nerivio®, Providing Millions of Covered Members Access to the Novel Drug-Free Migraine Therapeutic

Theranica, a prescribed digital therapeutics company developing advanced electroceuticals for migraine and other pain conditions, today announced it has signed an agreement with pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) MC-Rx, which places Theranica’s flagship Nerivio® device for acute treatment of migraine under MC-Rx’s Pharmacy Benefit formulary.

“MC-Rx continuously expands member access of innovative and cost-effective healthcare therapies, and this agreement with Theranica is a wonderful example of that,” said Roger Burgess, Chairman and CEO of MC-Rx. “Nerivio is a proven, science-based, drug-free migraine treatment that is already helping tens of thousands across the U.S. We are committed to facilitating our covered members’ access to a wide spectrum of treatment options for those suffering with this condition.”

The Pharmacy Benefit formulary designation by MC-Rx, which serves millions of members across the U.S., means migraine sufferers seeking digital therapeutic product treatment will now have a clear path for reimbursement when they are prescribed Nerivio by their healthcare providers.

Lindsay Videnieks, Executive Director of the Headache and Migraine Policy Forum, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing public policies and practices to promote accelerated innovation and improved access to treatments for persons living with headache disorders and migraine, commented: “It is highly important to expand the access of people living with migraine to innovative FDA-cleared treatments that can help improve their quality of life. Neuromodulation devices are an essential element in the toolbox available for providers and patients, and health insurance companies should follow MC-Rx, as well as the VA, in reimbursing these prescribed treatments for people with migraine.”

Nerivio, a drug-free Remote Electrical Neuromodulation (REN) device for the acute treatment of migraine in patients 12 years and older, delivers electrical waveforms to nerve fibers at the upper arm to trigger Conditioned Pain Modulation in the central neural system, activating the body’s endogenous analgesic mechanism. Nerivio was recently included in the 2021 American Headache Society Consensus Statement for treating migraine.  

“In MC-Rx, Theranica has found a likeminded partner, with both companies believing strongly in the importance of simplifying and accelerating patient access to innovative and cost-effective non-drug therapies like Nerivio,” said Alon Ironi, Co-Founder and CEO of Theranica. “This is excellent news for people with migraine covered by benefit plans managed by MC-Rx living with migraine, as well as for the healthcare providers treating them, who can now prescribe Nerivio without hesitation.”

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