Minnetronix Medical and INO Announce Strategic Partnership that Fast Tracks Optical Medical Device Development & Commercialization

Cutting-Edge Applied Research and Technology Save Time and Money throughout the Product Lifecycle


Minnetronix Medical, a U.S.-based medical device technology partner offering full lifecycle design and manufacturing services, and INO Innovation Center, Canada’s largest and most advanced center of applied research and expertise in optics and photonics, have announced a strategic partnership to innovate and accelerate bringing optical medical devices to market.

Working with the Minnetronix-INO team, medical device companies gain access to deep expertise in optics and photonics and a seamless solution for bringing highly integrated optical medical devices from concept through commercial production.

Minnetronix’ suite of services is unique in the medical device industry because it includes full lifecycle support across medical device design, development, supply chain, and manufacturing. INO is a global leader in the optics field with the ability to control light to capture, identify, predict, and transform data into valuable and actionable information through multiple light applications — from laser and fiber optic technologies to imaging systems.

“There is increased complexity in creating optical medical devices, which this partnership solves,” said Matt Adams, vice president and general manager at Minnetronix. “For example, the supply chain for complex medical optics is often fragmented requiring customers to find specialized expertise in multiple small firms. Now, customers get the best brains in the industry under one umbrella to get their products to market faster.” Adams adds that combining this joint expertise with a simple onboarding and project management process allows customers to seamlessly engage the team as a “one-stop shop” for optic and photonic projects.

“With more than 50 years of leading expertise in optics between INO and Minnetronix, our combined strengths will play a significant role in advancing our customers’ optics-based medical devices to the market.” said Louis Martel, Vice President Business Development and Partnership at INO.

The new partnership expands Minnetronix’ optics business and INO’s reach into the U.S. INO has implemented more than 6,500 solutions, carried out 75 technology transfers, and contributed to the creation of 35 new companies.

The new collaboration has already completed its first successful project: INO developed a smart illumination system when no other commercial solutions were available, while Minnetronix led the complex system integration, including the proprietary illumination system, to deliver the final product to the customer.

The partnership can also manage projects that require optical subsystems within larger, complex medical device systems; have complicated or diverse supply chains and/or require regulatory insights to scope design considerations relative to the FDA pathway.

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