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National Launch of the ShurFit 2C Interbody Systems Featuring Titanium Plasma Spray and Hydroxyapatite Coating

ShurFit 2C Interbody Systems: Precision Spine, Inc. has launched nationally the ShurFit ACIF 2C Anterior Cervical, TLIF 2C, and TPLIF 2C Posterior Interbody Systems, which is made from medical grade polyetheretherketone (Peek Optima, LT1) and coated with both commercially pure Titanium (Ti) and Hydroxyapatite (HA).

“The ShurFit 2C Interbody System’s distinguishing feature is its unique coating of both Titanium and Hydroxyapatite that helps increase durability and makes enhanced fixation possible while the process of biologic fusion takes place,” said Stephen D. Cook, Ph.D., Executive Director and Founder of the Fellowship of Orthopaedic Researchers, who was instrumental in the design and development of the device with Precision Spine engineers.

The ShurFit 2C coating technology combines a high-strength PEEK core with a unique, dual layer of coatings applied directly to the endplate surfaces. A biocompatible plasma-sprayed CP Titanium coating, with an outer layer of osteoconductive Hydroxyapatite, provides an optimal environment for osseointegration. The dual coating promotes rapid bone formation, which offers implant stability, less potential for implant migration, and the formation of a stable fusion mass while strategically placed tantalum markers facilitate radiographic implant positioning.

“The ShurFit ACIF 2C Systems are an important addition to our growing portfolio of devices,” said Chris DeNicola, Chief Operating Officer of Precision Spine, “and is further evidence of Precision Spine’s continuing commitment to work with surgeons in the design and commercialization of advanced products that utilize the latest technology to help bring greater versatility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness to the OR.”

The ShurFit ACIF 2C system is indicated for use in skeletally mature patients with degenerative disc disease (DDD) of the cervical spine at one disc level and consists of implants with various heights to accommodate individual patient anatomy and graft material size. It is implanted from the anterior approach at the C3 to C-7 disc levels and is designed to be packed with autogenous bone graft to help facilitate fusion while providing mechanical support to the implanted level until biologic fusion is achieved.

The ShurFit TLIF 2C and TPLIF 2C Interbody Fusion Devices are indicated for intervertebral body fusion of the spine in skeletally mature patients. The device system is designed for use with autograft to facilitate fusion. One device is used per intervertebral space for the TLIF 2C and TPLIF 2C system. Two devices are used per intervertebral space for the PLIF 2C system.

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