New eVeck™ from JUNE Medical Offers Protection from Surgical Plume

eVeck™ from JUNE Medical Colposcopy Plume Evacuation Kit launches in response to recent legislation in several US states, directed at protecting medical staff and patients from dangerous constituents in surgical smoke.

eVeck™ from JUNE Medical

The state of Oregon has joined Rhode Island, Colorado, and Kentucky in efforts to minimize exposure to hazardous gas created during surgical procedures; from the 1st of January 2023 it will be a legal requirement for all licensed hospitals and surgical facilities in these states to use a smoke evacuation system during certain procedures that produce surgical plume. Surgical plume is created during electrocautery, laser surgery or the use of ultrasonic scalpels, and can be dangerous to both the staff and patients since it contains carcinogens, toxic gases and pathogens.

The eVeck kit is designed to connect a colposcopy speculum to a plume evacuation generator to filter out toxic or carcinogenic matter within the smoke. The HEPA™ filter, which is included in the kit, comes already assembled and its reinforced tubing prevents kinking and crushing. The kit will be available for purchase in the US, helping medical facilities to comply with the new regulations.

Angela Spang, CEO of JUNE Medical, said: “Surgical plume is present in many procedures that are performed on a daily basis and, without proper smoke evacuation, the surgeons and nurses have to put their own health at risk every time they enter the operating theater. I am therefore very happy that JUNE Medical can offer protection from this occupational hazard to medical personnel all over the US.”

First launched in 2020.


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