An Excerpt from Overcoming the Covid Darkness-By Brian Tyson, MD, George Fareed, MD. and Mathew Crawford

How Two Doctors Successfully Treated 7000 Patients

By Brian Tyson, MD, George Fareed, MD. and Mathew Crawford

In late December 2019, the WHO (World Health Organization) country office located in China was notified of a cluster of viral pneumonia cases in Wuhan, China. However, little else was revealed, and there was minimal concern around the world. After all, viruses causing pneumonia, bronchitis, and other upper respiratory conditions are common in the medical field.

We expect these viruses to be ordinary. In most cases, we treat the patient with what is considered a classic protocol. Then, within a week to ten days, the patients improve, and life goes on a usual. But this virus was anything but ordinary—like nothing we have ever seen or experienced.

Keep in mind that, in those early days, there was no known effective treatment. In fact, many people were simply being told to go home from the hospital and “wait it out”—and only to return to the hospital if the virus became life-threatening. As we all know, in too many of these cases, returning to the hospital was too late for that person to recover and survive the deadly virus.

This approach had horrific consequences. Wait. Wait some more. Then, if you’re really sick, go to the hospital, where you can be put on a ventilator. Tragically, husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, and friends waited anxiously at home for word on their loved one’s status in the hospital—without the ability to visit them or see them one last time.

If only they could have been tested early.

If only they could have received an effective treatment immediately—even before the test results were in.

If only.

Our book exists because we found that a combination of hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and antibiotics could serve as an extremely effective treatment, if they were administered as early as possible. In fact, our results are nothing short of a miracle.

Despite the amazing success we achieved with more than 7,000 patients, all of the major medical organizations—from the WHO, to the NIH, to the CDC—did not welcome our information. Rather, they attempted to stop us from effectively treating patients, as well as suppress the information we knew the public needed to hear. We were even threatened with professional consequences if we were to continue providing this life-saving treatment to COVID-positive individuals.

Why? Why would anyone want to stop getting the word out, when a pandemic that rocked the globe could be effectively treated? Why would doctors on the front lines, saving lives each day, be threatened with punishment from their own colleagues?

Consider this: when the world was desperate to find a treatment or cure for a deadly disease, and when we actually provided that information … it was censored. But we wouldn’t give up. In fact, we channeled our anger into collective action, by publishing raw video of speeches that spoke the truth … and then posting and reposting again, as the videos were repeatedly taken down.

Despite the pushback, we won’t stop posting, until it is recognized all over the world that we do not need to be afraid anymore. People need to know—and be reassured—that we will survive this pandemic, just like pandemics of the past. There is treatment available. This treatment works when used early, and it is highly effective.

In this book we share our journey, from a perhaps naïve optimism that this treatment would be met with open arms, to the struggle we faced in getting the word out to the public, amidst suppression and censure from politicians and even others in the medical profession.

Despite making congressional statements, providing data to prove our success rates, and thousands of anecdotal stories of treatment and recovery, the CDC, NIH, or any other medical organization would not listen. They were too busy telling the public that there was no cure.

In our book, we provide testimonials, articles from newspapers and other media, excerpts from medical studies, interview transcripts, transcripts from congressional hearings, and presentations made to various organizations. You will also discover what other doctors around the world are saying about this highly successful treatment.

Our voices will be heard … because we hear the cry of those in our care. Physicians are people too; we have families and kids. We would never advocate for something in which we did not believe.

We believe many scientists are different; financial gains and incentives may complicate their decision-making process. In addition, there are research funding needs and pressures, and while they may have the best of intentions, these scientists do not work on the frontlines. They do not care for patients; they do not need to explain the risks and benefits of treatments to families. They are not there when patients break down and cry because they have tested positive. They don’t have to explain to a nine-year-old girl that she will not kill her parents just because she tested positive.

This virus has killed many people! The question is, how many more will die unnecessarily from not receiving the available treatment? How many will die in fear, and how many will die alone?

We invite you to witness our journey, and how we accomplished a miracle. The world needs to know the real story of COVID-19: the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everyone deserves to know the truth—and the truth is far different from what you have heard from Dr. Fauci or in the media.

Overcoming the Covid Darkness: How Two Doctors Successfully Treated 7000 Patients is available in various formats on Amazon.


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