Precision Spine Reaches Milestone with the Reform® Modular Pedicle Screw System

Precision Spine notes The Reform® Modular Pedicle Screw System, first introduced in April 2016, today reaches a monumental milepost, its 30,000th modular screw implantation.

This historic milestone is most impressive when highlighted by the fact that there have been no reported dissociations to date.

The Reform® Modular Pedicle Screw System provides surgeons with increased flexibility, versatility, and visibility to meet the varying requirements of degenerative and trauma procedures. The cobalt chrome and titanium tulips are available in both 5.5 and 4.75mm sizes, with standard and reduction options.

The system features Tru-Lock Technology that allows the tulip to be attached with a consistent attachment force, as well as a helpful audible click and tactile feel to confirm attachment.

The titanium modular cannulated and non-cannulated screws feature a minimally tapered, triple lead thread, as well as a self-starting aggressive screw tip and enlarged T25 drive feature ─ the combination of which delivers more immediate, secure bone engagement and maximum control during insertion.

The system’s modularity is intended to help increase the surgeon’s visibility in order to permit more thorough decortication of the surrounding fusion bed. A full complement of offset connectors, dominoes, hooks, and cross connectors increases procedure flexibility.

“The system’s modular design greatly enhances O.R. versatility and efficiency,” said Vikram Udani, M.D., “assisting surgeons with intraoperatively assembling a construct that achieves immediate bone purchase, with a pull-out strength that provides optimal security.”

“We are pleased and proud to document this event in our company annals,” said Chris DeNicola, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, “as it is further evidence of our continuing mission to provide patients and surgeons worldwide with safe and effective solutions for complex spinal pathologies. We view this milestone as validation of the great trust placed in the company by our distribution partners and the surgeons they serve and support.”

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