Prof. Joseph Kvedar Added to the Sweetch Advisory Board Member

With Extensive Track Record in Advancing Adoption of Telehealth and Virtual Care, Kvedar to Help Accelerate Sweetch’s Global Growth

Prof. Joseph Kvedar has joined the Sweetch advisory board. Prof. Joseph Kvedar brings a deep understanding of remote health, digital therapeutics and reimbursement to Sweetch, and will focus on accelerating the commercial rollout and demonstrated positive clinical impact of the company’s hyper-personalized platform, as well as building connections with strategic partners to further the company’s success.

“During my almost 30 years of working in connected health innovation, few platforms or devices have excited me or shown as much promise in significantly impacting chronic disease management as Sweetch,” said Prof. Joe Kvedar. “The platform’s novel approach of combining and leveraging AI and EI (emotional intelligence) to have a meaningful impact on patient compliance could significantly change the way healthcare bodies interact with patients. I am proud to be playing a role at Sweetch during this crucial time of its growth.”

Prof. Josdeph Kvedar is the current chair of the board at the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), formerly VP of Connected Health at Mass-Gen Brigham, co-chair of the American Medical Association (AMA) Digital Medicine Payment Advisory Group, and author of The Internet of Healthy Things and The New Mobile Age. He is also the current editor-in-chief of Nature’s open access, international, peer-reviewed journal, npj Digital Medicine.

In a 2015 Forbes article, a Prof. Kvedar quote served as inspiration for Sweetch’s work, stating: “The belief that new technology like body monitoring and data tracking is the key to a healthier and happier world ignores the huge role that engagement personalization plays in converting data and analytics into emotion that engages people in new health behaviors by humanizing our experience with technology. We need personalized, compelling and imaginative engagement that makes the user want to engage in self-care. People aren’t moved to action by “data dumps,” but by emotion and narrative. Mobile health devices could become a biological information superhighway that transfer data from our bodies or brains to the cloud for analysis and action, so long as the right content returns to the user to complete the cycle.”

“Prof. Kvedar is a valuable addition to Sweetch’s advisory board as we anticipate upcoming key milestones and the next stage of our company’s growth,” said Yoni Nevo, CEO of Sweetch. “Given his extensive experience in digital and remote health, Joe will be a major asset in achieving our objectives of improving how healthcare system players interact with their patients, empowering those with chronic conditions to comply with their treatment programs and attain their health goals.”

With decades of experience in digital health, Prof. Kvedar has been dedicated to driving innovation and using technology to empower patients, as well as their relationships with their care providers. Aspiring to evolve new models of healthcare delivery, Kvedar has developed innovative methods to move care from the hospital or doctor’s office into the day-to-day lives of patients. He has launched mobile health programs, virtual care initiatives and clinical research programs to improve care delivery and put patients at the center of their own health and wellness.

In July of this year, the company secured $20 Million Series A.

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