Promega Launches Wizard® HMW DNA Extraction Kit Ahead of 2020

Promega Corporation, a global biotechnology manufacturer, today launched its new Wizard® HMW DNA Extraction Kit for researchers working with large fragments of genomic DNA. The kit, as demonstrated in a poster presented at this week’s 2020 Advances in Genome Biology and Technology (AGBT) meeting, enables researchers to obtain DNA that will provide strong performance in long-read sequencing applications in a 90-minute manual protocol.

“We’ve worked with a lot of our customers and collaborators to develop a workflow where we’re able to get read lengths of 500kb in some of these new sequencing technologies, and it’s really enabled some of their research,” says Promega Research & Development Scientist Douglas Horejsh. “If you’re looking at an organism that’s never been sequenced or dealing with structural variations and rearrangements within the genome, it’s very difficult to take short reads to come up with a large sequence. A lot of workflows out there have been designed to purify smaller nucleic acids, but the Kit is able to get us up to 300kb and higher.”

Compared to leading competitors, the Wizard® HMW DNA Extraction Kit purifies a significantly higher proportion of fragments over 125kb. In long-read sequencing, the DNA from the Promega kit produced very long maximum reads and high N50 values, which indicates a higher proportion of large fragments in the sample.

The kit supports purification from a variety sample type including whole blood, bacterial cultures, cultured mammalian cells, and plant leaf tissue. It joins an existing portfolio of both manual and automated kits to extract a variety of nucleic acids from a broad range of sample types.

The kit is not for diagnostic use.

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