Queset Medical Offers Filters for Safe Spirometry Including all ndd Models and Midmark and Welch-Allyn Models

Queset Medical, Inc., is a leading distributor of supplies for pulmonary function testing offering a complete line of PFT Anti-Viral filters that comply with recent guidance for spirometry testing during the Corona Virus pandemic.

Queset Medical notes their Anti-Viral Filters meet the recommendations published in reports from the American Thoracic Society, The European Respiratory Society and Canadian Respiratory Society. High-efficiency filters are available for all spirometers including all models of ndd, Midmark, and Welch-Allyn devices.

All filters are FDA approved and provide over 99.99% cross-contamination efficiency for virus control.

Our filtered mouthpieces protect both the patient as well as the test environment. Some spirometers use mouthpieces that are nothing more than hollow tubes. During a spirometry test, the patient is told to exhale as forcefully as possible. This can lead to pathogens being blown around the test environment and onto anyone in the vicinity. Queset’s high-efficiency filters capture these pathogens before they can spread.

Michael J. Boyle, President of SDI Diagnostics, Inc., the manufacturer of the filters, comments that “All filters have been tested and are certified to have passed all requirements of the American Thoracic Society.” He added “they are totally compliant with recent guidelines that state ‘Tests should always be carried out with a high specification disposable in-line bacterial and viral filter in place (We recommend filters with minimum proven efficiency for high expiratory flow of 600 to 700 L/min). Use of disposable combined mouthpieces/sensors is not recommended at this time.’”

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