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Quest Products LLC Launches a Nasal Filter Device that Blocks Microscopic Airborne Particles and Pollutants

Quest Products, LLC introduces a new nasal filter designed for people interested in protection against the smallest of airborne particles and pollutants. Its unique filtration material is electrostatically charged to better capture microscopic particles and protect people from droplets released during coughing and sneezing. In a study by LMS Technologies, the new breatheWELL Nasal Filter was proven as a unique barrier against airborne particles measuring as small as 3 microns. In fact, the study demonstrated a 90 percent effectiveness against particles measuring 10 microns and 60 percent effectiveness against particles measuring 2.5 microns—this is within the micron measurement range of the smallest sized bacteria, pollen and allergen. According to the results of the study, the nasal filters can block up to 99% of airborne particles and pollutants.

“In recent news reports, immunology and allergy specialists encourage people to do all they can to alleviate inflammation to the lungs caused by breathing in common allergens because it may leave them more susceptible to respiratory illnesses,” said Jon Romanow, Director of Marketing, Quest Products, LLC. “We believe that our new product will be helpful to people seeking additional options to protect their overall health by blocking the inhalation of pollens, pollutants and bacteria that reach the lungs through the nose. These filters are ideal for protection during travel when around pets or while working in dusty environments.”

The unique filtration material makes breatheWELL™ a reliable option for reducing direct and indirect airborne transmission of unwanted particles breatheWELL™ nasal filters fit discreetly into the front of the nostrils. It is drug-free, latex-free and the rings are made of a surgical-grade polymer that is non-toxic.

breatheWELL™ is available now for purchase online at Amazon and at breatheandsleepwell.com.

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