SpinaFX and StarFish Medical Enter into a Strategic Commercialization Contract Manufacturing Agreement

Minimally invasive image-guided therapy start-up, SpinaFX Medical Inc. (SpinaFX) is pleased to announce the signing of a commercialization contract manufacturing agreement with StarFish Product Engineering Inc. (“StarFish Medical”), Canada’s largest medical device design, development, and manufacturing services organization.

“SpinaFX is very pleased to welcome StarFish to the SpinaFX team,” commented John Soloninka, SpinaFX’s Chief Operating Officer.   “We ran a rigorous process comparing four of the top, highly-recommended medical device design, commercialization and contract manufacturing organizations from across the US and Canada.   StarFish Medical’s deep skills and experience, facilities, customer reviews, and willingness to intimately customize and integrate their services with our operations, won the day.   The strategic alignment between the companies is excellent!”

StarFish Medical is Canada’s leading medical device design, development, commercialization, and contract manufacturing company with ISO 13485 certified engineering and finished manufacturing services.  StarFish has partnered with many successful medical device companies to create new innovative technologies across several medical specialties.

Scott Philips, CEO or StarFish commented: “We measure our success through the value we help our clients generate for patients, providers, payers and their shareholders.  We select clients that we believe will contribute to our “100×100” objective: 100 clients with over $100M in market capitalization.  SpinaFX’s minimally-invasive image-guided procedure promises to reduce the time, cost and complexity of spine surgery for patients with low back pain, one of the largest and most costly cohorts of patients worldwide.  This is an extremely important goal, and StarFish is committed to helping SpinaFX travel as far and efficiently on their trajectory as possible.”

“I was very impressed with the quality of responses we received from all competing vendors during our selection process,” commented Jeff Cambra, SpinaFX’s Chief Executive Officer.  “With StarFish, we not only see deep skills, and experience in design, quality, regulatory, and manufacturing optimization, but also their strategic business orientation…ensuring that our product lifecycle jointly optimizes clinical, business, financing, and shareholder outcomes.   With much of the manufacturing to occur in StarFish’s northwest Toronto facility, our organizations will be able to work very closely together.   We are excited to transfer manufacturing to StarfFish, and to aggressively pursue our rollout into Canada, EU, FDA, and beyond.”

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