Tandem Diabetes Care Achieves Milestone of 1 Million Insulin Boluses

Tandem Diabetes Care, Inc (NASDAQ:TNDM), a leading insulin delivery
and diabetes technology company, today announced that t:slim X2 insulin pump users have delivered more than 1 million insulin boluses using the t:connect app feature on their personal mobile device in the first month following its commercial release.

“The rapid adoption of our mobile bolus feature demonstrates the importance of our offering new technologies that provide lifestyle benefits, in addition to improved clinical outcomes, to people living with diabetes,” said John Sheridan, President and CEO of Tandem Diabetes Care. “We are committed to leading in diabetes technology by continually enhancing the solutions we provide and offering best-in-class customer care.”

The t:connect mobile app is designed to offer t:slim X2 insulin pump users the ability to program and cancel bolus insulin requests through the convenience of their compatible smartphone. It is the first-ever FDA-cleared smartphone application capable of initiating insulin delivery on both iOS and Android operating systems and is now available on approximately 30 different devices.

“The ability to bolus from my phone has been a game changer,” said Lauren Salko, professional freestyle skier and ambassador for Tandem Diabetes Care. “The feature allows me to be more discreet and wear my pump in places I haven’t been able to before. With the freedom to bolus more easily, I feel more on top of my diabetes management.”

Current t:slim X2 pump users in the United States can add this feature at no additional cost from the comfort of their own home without having to purchase a new device. Bolus delivery from the t:connect mobile app requires a compatible smartphone model and operating system, an app update, a remote software update on the customer’s t:slim X2 insulin pump and additional training.

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