Todos Medical Enters Into a $1.2 Million Contract for COVID-19 PCR Testing Equipment & Supplies with Texas-based Laboratory

Todos Medical Ltd., an in vitro diagnostics company focused on distributing comprehensive solutions for COVID-19 screening and diagnosis, and developing blood tests for the early detection of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, today announced that it has entered into a sales agreement with a Texas-based laboratory to supply it with the necessary testing equipment and supplies for an initial amount in excess of $1.28 million.

Todos Medical will be supplying automated extraction machines, liquid handlers and PCR machines. The initial contract is for 8 months. Todos has also been granted a priority right to supply the lab with up to 75,000 COVID PCR tests per day in the event the laboratory sees significant additional testing demand.

“The recent COVID-19 automated instrument and consumable supply agreement between Todos Medical and this Texas-based laboratory is an example of Todos’ ongoing commitment to support the operations of America’s network of frontline laboratories as they work to meet the needs of the American public,” said Andrew Blumenthal, Todos Medical Vice President of Business Development.

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