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Truliant Porous Knee System Launches Reports Exactech

Truliant Porous Knee System Launches Reports Exactech

Truliant Porous Knee System Full Launch

Exactech, a developer and producer of innovative implants, instrumentation and smart technologies for joint replacement surgery, today announced the expansion of its Truliant® Total Knee System with a new porous-coated implant option.

Full launch of the Truliant Porous Knee System is welcome news for surgeons who are interested in a non-cemented approach. It enhances the award-winning knee system and is designed for strength and stability for patients, and efficiency for surgeons and staff in the operating room.

“Exactech’s Truliant Porous Knee system embodies state-of-the-art technology, manufacturing and instrumentation allowing surgeons to confidently address our ever-changing patient populations,” said James B. Duke, MD, of the Orthopaedic Institute in Ocala, Fla. “I believe surgeons looking to maximize longevity, performance and durability in their implants will want to utilize Exactech’s Truliant Porous Knee technology to best handle surgical challenges and patient expectations.”

The Truliant Porous Knee enhances the company’s advanced material science platform with a solution that is designed to mimic the trabecular nature of cancellous bone with optimal pore size and porosity. The porous structures integrated into the implant design are designed to facilitate a durable bonding surface to allow for immediate and long-term biological fixation. Peripheral pegs allow for stable initial fixation while the channeled keel is designed with flutes to increase bony-implant engagement for increased stability and resistance to micromotion.

The Truliant Porous Knee seamlessly integrates with the system’s ergonomically designed mechanical instrumentation and the ExactechGPS® TKA Pro application for a guided, personalized experience. The Truliant Total Knee System includes cruciate-retaining and posterior-stabilized implants, as well as constrained insert options, and integrates with a fully comprehensive revision system that offers metaphyseal cones, stems, tibial augments and offsets.

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