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Friday, March 31, 2023

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Tackling the Opioid Epidemic with Wearable Technology: By Brad Holden, Co-Founder and CEO of Resilient Lifescience

Holden writes, "Resilient Lifescience co-founder Charlie Proctor and I became alarmed by the 22% surge in synthetic opioid deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic and set out to leverage our experience in remote patient monitoring and computer science to develop a solution — a wearable medical device designed to detect and reverse opioid overdoses. Read on to learn how Resilient Lifescience is making a difference!

The Silent Struggle: Survey Reveals the Surprising Mental Health Crisis Among US CEOs

The groundbreaking study has prompted calls for businesses and organizations to provide resources and support for CEOs grappling with mental health issues.

The Importance of Medical Equipment Planning in the Healthcare Sector

Medical equipment planning ensures healthcare facilities have the right tools to deliver top-quality care to patients. Read on to learn more.

USound and Partners to Deliver Next-Generation Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid

USound, a leading provider of advanced audio solutions, announced today its collaboration with partners to develop and deliver a reference design for a cutting-edge...

SciBase and Schweiger Dermatology Group Partner to Advance Skin Cancer Detection at Select New Jersey Locations

The partnership means clinicians at Schweiger Dermatology Group's Freehold and Verona, New Jersey offices will have access to state-of-the-art melanoma detection technology. For SciBase, we establish a further partner that helps introduce Nevisense to US payers," said Simon Grant, Chief Executive Officer of SciBase.

BGI Genomics Partners with Zentya to Launch Fecal DNA Test for Colorectal Cancer in Slovakia

The availability of COLOTECTTM 1.0 in Slovakia offers an easy and convenient alternative for accurate screening and detection. "Its sensitivity for detecting colorectal cancers is 88%, and specificity for identifying subjects without advanced colorectal neoplasm is 92%. Most importantly, for early detection, its sensitivity for advanced adenoma is 46%", Dr. Lucia Starovecká Copák noted.

Trelleborg Receives Patent for Dartex Zoned Coatings

Dartex Zoned Coatings are suitable for multiple healthcare and medical applications, including mattress covers (tops and encasements), moving and handling, positioning devices, specialist medical furniture, theatre tables, trollies and stretchers.

Clinical Trials

A New Study Suggests Energy4Life’s Bioenergetic Wearable Device May Have Positive Effects on Cellular Membrane

“Our bioenergetic wearables are designed to communicate directly to the body, thus triggering its self-repair system,” said Harry Massey, founder and CEO of Energy4Life. “Digitized biological information allows you to help turn on the body's self-repair system – impacting the physics of the body - which in turn directs all other activity of the body,” stated Massey.

Inspira Technologies Announces First in Human of HYLA Blood Sensor in Clinical Study

The HYLA Blood sensor is a non-invasive optical blood sensor, being developed using machine learning based algorithms to measure blood key parameters, continuously and in real-time during extracorporeal procedures including VV-ECMO, VA-ECMO and open-heart surgery.


BC3 Technologies Receives FDA Clearance for SEAL Hemostatic Wound Spray

SEAL Hemostatic Wound Spray can be used by first responders, in surgical environments, or in battlefield combat. In its pivotal study, SEAL was therapeutically equivalent to other chitosan-based products indicated for hemorrhage.

U.S. FDA Grants GrayMatters Health 510(k) Clearance to Market Prism for PTSD

“This is a first step in making Prism for PTSD available globally, as the company has just initiated a largescale PTSD study with some of the top mental health institutions in Germany, through a European Union grant,” said Rani Cohen, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman ofGrants GrayMatters Health is First to Receive FDA 510(k) Clearance for AI Algorithm for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm

TriHealth Vascular Surgeon Dr. Patrick Muck. “We’ve been using the software for the detection of suspected pulmonary embolism over the last several months and have seen improvements in patient care across our institution.”

Industry Executives Views & Opinions

Tackling the Opioid Epidemic with Wearable Technology: By Brad Holden, Co-Founder and CEO of Resilient Lifescience

Holden writes, "Resilient Lifescience co-founder Charlie Proctor and I became alarmed by the 22% surge in synthetic opioid deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic and set out to leverage our experience in remote patient monitoring and computer science to develop a solution — a wearable medical device designed to detect and reverse opioid overdoses. Read on to learn how Resilient Lifescience is making a difference!

Driving Innovation and Decreasing Length of Stay with a Referral Management Platform: By Russ Graney

Length of stay is both a direct and indirect factor in efficient and effective hospital operations. However, it may be an even more substantial clinical metric today than hospital administrators, management, and executives realize. The impact can be considerable when ignored or de-prioritized. Read on.

Closing the Gender Gap In Trials: The Need for More Representation

Kelly Snow writes, “With effort, practical solutions, and leadership, I am optimistic we can improve representation in clinical trials, to increase access to and effectiveness of life- saving medications.” Read on:

AI & Service Intelligence Continue to Drive Improved Medical Device Service Metrics: By: Sidney Lara, Service Principle at Aquant

The newly published report relies on data collected from 44 organizations that employ more than 15,000 technicians, including analysis of more than 4.6 million work orders covering more than $3.4 billion in total service costs.
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Executives on the Move

Dr Azeem Latib, World-Renowned Interventional Cardiologist, to Join the Leadership Team of Supira Medical

Dr Azeem Latib, has joined the company as Medical Director to advance clinical activities and prepare the company for significant clinical and regulatory milestones.

Dr Hanjing Xie Appointed New CMO of Neogap

Dr Hanjing Xie will oversee Neogap's clinical development programs and pipeline and provide medical oversight for the company's first-in-human study.

Inogen Announces Appointment of Tom West to Board of Directors and Retirement of Board Member Kristen Miranda

Tom West brings additional general management and operational experience to the Inogen Board with his history of leadership and business success in medical technology and life sciences healthcare spaces,” said Elizabeth Mora, Chairperson of the Board.

Avania Names MedTech Industry Veteran, Todd M Pope, New Chairman of the Board

Todd M Pope brings 30 years of technology, medical device, and leadership experience across large cap and startup MedTech and was named to TIME Magazine’s 2018 list of 50 Most Influential People in Healthcare.

Soleo Health Chief Executive Officer Drew Walk Named to NHIA Board of Directors

Drew Walk joins a group of seasoned home infusion experts on the NHIA board, an industry governing body. NHIA is the leading industry association providing education, information, advocacy and resources for the nation’s home and alternate site infusion provider community and the manufacturers, suppliers and service companies who support them.

Foster Supply Chain Solutions Hires Brian Savel for Midwest Business Development Representative

Brian Savel brings an excellent and diverse track record of successful sales/business development experience to Foster SCS and his customers and potential customers.

Mergers / Acquisitions

INTEGRA Biosciences Acquires Miroculus

This will allow INTEGRA Biosciences to expand its product range for library preparation, offering significant time savings to academic, research, and diagnostics laboratories using NGS and, ultimately, accelerating discovery in this dynamic field.

Market Reports

Medical Professionals

Nurses Corner

The Complete Guide to Working As a Travel Nurse

Travel nursing is one of the most unique careers you can have. And now, it's also a profession that's in high demand. With an average annual salary of $112,780 and the potential to...

The Role of Nurses in Ensuring Accessible and Equitable Healthcare Services

Health equity is the principle that everyone should have a fair and equal opportunity to achieve optimal health. Unfortunately, access to healthcare is not always equitable, and many individuals and communities face significant...

The Future of Nursing and How It Will Be Impacted by Technology

Nursing is evolving, but its future is secure for those who have the right professional training. Rather than worrying about whether or not their jobs will disappear as technology improves, nurses should make time to gain additional credentials, including information technology so that they can evolve with the profession.


U.S. Department of Defense Awards Theradaptive $4 Million Contract for Its OsteoAdapt Regenerative Therapeutic Program

The funds from the DOD contract will enable Theradaptive to continue its work to meet regulatory requirements and scale up Good Manufacturing Practices-compliant manufacturing of the OsteoAdapt product in preparation for clinical studies.

Macrolux Completes Nearly CNY100 million Series A Round: Funding Led by Legend Capital

Legend Capital has long been paying attention to the investment in the field of medical devices and diagnostics with a focus on three major themes: first, major diseases, especially the unmet clinical needs of chronic diseases; second, the first and uniqueness in technology, which enables a company to become or have the potential to become a leading player in subdivided industries; the third is the "device +" investment opportunities brought by the integration of medical devices and interdisciplinary technologies such as AI, IoT and Big Data.


Northwell Health Named One of America’s Most Innovative Companies by Fortune

The award is presented by Fortune and Statista Inc., the world-leading statistics portal and industry ranking provider.

2022 Heatwave Struck Off Surgery in Fifth of UK Hospitals

2023 The 2022 heatwave resulted in a fifth of UK hospitals being forced to cancel operations during the three days when temperatures soared, a new study reveals.

Association News

The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Presents Symposium on Health Care Featuring Technologies and Techniques to Transform Training, Safety and Success in Healthcare

Human Factors and Ergonomics Society symposium will be held at the Loews Sapphire Falls Resort in Orlando, FL. This event serves as the premiere conference at the intersection of human factors and health care and will feature five tracks, including Digital Health, Hospital Environments, Patient Safety Research and Initiatives, Education and Simulation and Medical and Drug Delivery Devices.

Society of Interventional Radiology Inducts New Fellows

Physicians recognized for achievements in research, teaching, published works and leadership at Society of Interventional Radiology 2023 Annual Scientific Meeting.

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Steps to Improve Cybersecurity On Your Connected Medical Devices

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