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Yearly Archives: 2019

Interview with Dr. Dov Rubin, CEO of Lev-El Diagnostics on HeartTrends

Dr. Dov Rubin, CEO of Lev-El Diagnostics talks about how HeartTrends can be used in the early detection of myocardial ischemia, how it differs from traditional stress testing and more.

Perfect AAA EVAR Stent Has Not Been Designed or Produced: All Current AAA EVAR Devices are Obsolete

AAA EVAR Stent: Opinion from Dr. Sherif Sultan.

The Hip Hook: Releases Unresolved Pain by Simply Laying on It

After countless successes releasing the iliacus with her hands and no effective tools on the market for people to release it themselves, Christine was compelled to create the Hip Hook, the only tool that can replicate the iliacus muscle release that only a skilled practitioner could previously provide.

Three Questions Medical Product Business Owners Should Ask About Private Investments

By: John Geis, Principal of Cresset Partners Owners of privately held medical product companies who either want to take their businesses to the next level...

Dr. Robert Marema: It’s Time to Prioritize Surgeons’ Quality of Life

Dr. Marema starts off saying: "For starters, the Association of American Medical Colleges forecasts a deficit of between 33,500 and 61,800 surgeons and specialists by 2030." Read on.

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