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XRHealth Reports Clinical Trial Finds that Virtual Reality Therapy May Serve as Effective Adjunct To Anesthesia For Surgical Procedures

XRHealth notes the findings could lead to a discussion in the medical industry about using non-pharmaceutical interventions during surgical procedures that both enhance the patient experience during surgery and provide a better postoperative recovery.

New Study Suggests REN Comparable to Standard Care Prescribed Medications for Acute Treatment of Chronic Migraines

Prospective data from 78 adult patients with chronic migraines in the U.S. demonstrated effectiveness of REN across four parameters in comparison to standard-care medications.

Relievant Medsystems Announces Publication of ASPN Guidelines on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Vertebrogenic Low Back Pain with Basivertebral Nerve Ablation

“With strong clinical evidence including two level I randomized controlled trials and long-term data supporting the efficacy and safety of BVN ablation, this treatment option has taken an increasingly important role in the approach to treating chronic vertebrogenic low back pain in recent years,” said Professor Dawood Sayed M.D

Multi-Center, Multi-Society Study of Impella-supported Patients with Cardiogenic Shock due to Myocarditis in Japan Achieves 30-day Survival of 77%

The analysis examined 143 consecutive patients with cardiogenic shock due to myocarditis who received Impella support or Impella plus VA ECMO support, known as ECpella. These patients are included in the J-PVAD registry, a registry conducted by 10 Japanese professional societies, including the Japanese Circulation Society (JCS).

Access Vascular Announces Outcome of a Peer-reviewed Study Published in the Journal of Infusion Nursing

In the paper, A Retrospective Assessment of Midline Catheter Failures Focusing on Catheter Composition, complication rates are compared in 101 standard midline catheters and 104 HydroMID® catheters.

New 12-month Results from the VATRAC Trial Confirm Durable Efficacy of Aerin Medical’s VivAer® in Patients with Nasal Valve Collapse

Study shows VivAer was effective in reducing symptoms of nasal airway obstruction for patients with both dynamic and static nasal valve collapse.

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