Massage Chair May Help Combat High Blood Pressure, Stress and Depression

Elizabeth Medical is a product that systematically links with the healthcare application and various physical therapy methods to manage a user's blood pressure. The chair relies on data pulled from the app to create a programmatic massage that acts as a therapeutic tool. It activates the parasympathetic nerve and blood vessel dilation through thermal massage and respiratory rate management through its integrated speakers.

Things That Can Happen When Prescribed the Wrong Medication

December 22, 2020 By: Stephen Black, M.D. Everyone’s actions can lead to mistakes that can be reversed or permanent. Unfortunately, medical errors are the worst things that can happen to any patient. Other than causing severe effects, medical errors...

Monitor Your Baby With These Useful Gadgets

The first three months of your baby’s life are the roughest. You often wake up every couple of hours to feed them, change their diapers, and put them back to sleep.

ZetrOZ Systems Reports sam® Dramatically Improves the Treatment of Soft Tissue, Arthritis and Joint Issues Without Requiring Surgery or Pain Medication

ZetrOZ Systems reports sam® administers 1.3 watts of low-intensity ultrasound energy at 3 megahertz frequency to accelerate biological healing processes and reduce pain.

Sustained Acoustic Medicine Device sam® Offers an Alternative Solution to Pain Medication and Surgery

sam® is a non-invasive prescription medical device that is applied over the target injury and delivers a localized treatment.