Everlywell Announces COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit receives 1st FDA EUA of its Kind

Everlywell's EUA is the first to be issued to a digital health company such as Everlywell, which connects people and organizations with laboratory testing and is not a laboratory or diagnostics manufacturer.

CVS Health Delivering on Commitment to Establish up to 1,000 COVID-19 Test Sites by End of May

The new sites will utilize self-swab tests and mark the next phase of the company's COVID-19 testing strategy, announced April 27 at the White House.

The Hip Hook: Releases Unresolved Pain by Simply Laying on It

After countless successes releasing the iliacus with her hands and no effective tools on the market for people to release it themselves, Christine was compelled to create the Hip Hook, the only tool that can replicate the iliacus muscle release that only a skilled practitioner could previously provide.

Preliminary Study Finds Healbe GoBe2 Offers Accuracy in Measuring Calorie Intake

The study showed the technology to be about 89 percent accurate in automatic tracking of digested calories. A 14-day study was completed by 27 adult volunteers between the ages of 18-40 years old, 11 men and 16 women.

Expectant Moms Can Know Their Baby Is Okay with the Owlet Band

1/8/18: The Owlet Band, made with DuPont™ Intexar™ ultra-thin fabric sensors, feels like comfortable clothing, but includes data gathering sensors.