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Sleepless Nights Can Leave A Mark: Learn Why Regular Sleep Is Necessary for Everyone

For a long time, some therapists, researchers, and even physicians ignored the importance of sleep to human development. Not anymore, though, as today, sleep...

What Happens During a Psychiatric Emergency?

Everyone knows how to deal with the situation when a family member or relative is physically unwell. However, when it comes to mental health,...

What to Expect During Your First Psychiatry Appointment?

If you are suffering from any symptoms of any mental illness and you have decided to seek help we would like to start by congratulating you on your road to recovery. Your first psychiatry appointment can be daunting for a lot of reasons.

How Serious Is Heart Arrhythmia

Although fluctuations in heart rhythm are normal, sometimes irregular or abnormal heartbeat can become a severe problem.

Could PEMF Therapy Help With Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain may happen in any body part, lasting for days, months, or even years.

Teladoc Health Launches “myStrength Complete” As First Unified Mental Health Care Experience

Teladoc Health, Inc. (NYSE: TDOC) today announced the launch of myStrength Complete, an integrated mental health service providing personalized, targeted care to consumers in...

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