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Weight Loss: Harnessing the Power of Genetic Testing

Most people know that excess weight is a major risk factor for many serious health conditions — including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer — but obesity rates have continued to rise for decades.

Sweden Huge Care Debt According to New Survey

"This indicates that a gigantic 'healthcare debt' has been built up which will be a real challenge for the Swedish healthcare system to deal with in the coming year," says George Thaw, CEO of medtech company FRISQ, which conducted the survey.

itSpray Announces BOOSTit with New Ingredients Elderberry and Monk Fruit Coming Soon

itSpray founder Kimberly Stiele said, "At itSpray we strive to give you the best solutions for your total health needs. We continue to improve our products to help you pursue a healthier lifestyle with ease, including immune support, sustained energy, and sleep solutions.

Swedes Are More Positive Towards Covid Vaccination According to a New Survey

Previous studies have shown a vaccination resistance of 20 to 25 percent of the Swedish population. Now it has decreased to 14 percent of the population who say they absolutely do not want to be vaccinated (five percent) or have doubts and want to wait (nine percent).

Can Brain Implants Improve Mobility After Stroke?

Now, researchers at Jefferson have initiated a clinical trial using a brain implant and robotic brace to test a method that could one day offer hundreds of thousands of stroke patients with long-term disability a new option for better mobility.

Parkinson’s Disease and Latent (Hidden) Viruses: CBCD Reports an Important Discovery on the Cause of the Disease

The discovery was published in the Journal of NeuroVirology.

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